Democrat tax increases chasing away business.

Democrat Tax Increases Chasing Away Business
Prominent Minnesota Business Leader is Worried

While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker returned his state's entire surplus to taxpayers and cut taxes, here in Minnesota Governor Dayton and the Democrat legislature is sticking with the vast majority of their tax increases in spite of a surplus.

This includes the income tax, tobacco tax, internet sales tax, digital download sales tax, satellite TV sales tax, business tax, and sales tax shift.

One of Minnesota's prominent business leaders, Tom Rosen, discusses the impact in Connect Business Magazine:

"In 2009, Fairmont-based Rosen’s Diversified was No. 184 on the Forbes 500 list of private corporations...In a telephone interview, Chief Executive Officer Tom Rosen shared his concern about what he believes has been hurting the Minnesota economy.

He said, “Our company has been in business in Minnesota since 1946However, I’m very concerned about the future of doing business in Minnesota and where the state is heading, especially Greater Minnesota. We don’t have a good business climate, and the climate became worse last legislative session. We are 48th now in overall business climate."

He added, “I never thought I would see it. A lot of my friends have left the state. I worry about what this state will look like in ten years. It’s hard to get businesses here and harder to keep businesses here.

Rosen said, “(Wisconsin has) become pro-business and is willing to work with you. These states around Minnesota are becoming more aggressive. They realize companies can move.” 

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