Gov. Dayton flip-flops on tip credits.
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Dayton comes to grips with unintended consequences 

Following conversation with his restaurant-owning sons, Governor Mark Dayton now believes some "fine-tuning" in the form of a tip credit might be in order to minimize the damage that his minimum wage law will cause for employers and their ability to create and maintain jobs for Minnesotans. (PostBulletin)
Democrats were against this common-sense solution before they were for it. In fact a liberal group spent $300,000+ on advertising bashing the idea and the Republicans who supported it during Governor Dayton's last campaign.

Via Press Release Jeff Johnson said, “Mark Dayton seems to pay attention to the consequences of what he puts into law after he signs a bill. Honestly, it shouldn’t take a chat with his sons to understand that raising the minimum wage will hurt jobs." (Press Release)

How unfortunate that our Governor continues to implement laws before he thinks through the impact that they will have on our state and its people. The pattern is clear...enact laws that pander to a very liberal base, wait for the loud and logical backlash from the rest of Minnesota, then claim that you didn't get it right or that you didn't understand. We've seen this with the $90 Million Senate Office Building, equipment repair tax, property taxes, the Vikings stadium and now again with this episode.

Dayton remarked, "In the real world of how this affects real business owners, I think we have to be aware of that."

You're right, Governor. Republicans put the real world and real Minnesotans first and are ready with people who care and ideas ideas that work.
Minnesota is ready to elect Team MNGOP and replace Mark Dayton with Endorsed Republican Jeff Johnson for Governor.

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