With Franken's record it's no wonder he won't commit to appearing with President Obama.

Is Franken Avoiding President Obama?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last night that Sen. Al Franken is “noncommittal” about attending the President’s events in Minnesota Thursday and Friday.
According to the 
Associated Press, Sen. Franken welcomed a visit from the President just 10 months ago saying he’d "really enjoy it".

Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey released the following statement today:

“Al Franken has committed to voting with President Obama 98% of the time, so why won’t he commit to meeting with the President in Minneapolis tomorrow,” asked Chairman Keith Downey. “Franken can try to run from his record, but Minnesotans will still remember that he cast the decisive vote to kick
140,000 Minnesotans off of their health insurance and has been a rubber-stamp for the Obama agenda that has caused our economy to shrink. With a record like this, it’s no wonder Al Franken won’t commit to appearing with President Obama this week.”
Minnesotans deserve to know if Sen. Franken will continue aligning himself with the President and his failed policies.

Sen. Franken is a rubber stamp of President Obama and wrong for Minnesota. Sign the petition to help us Fire Franken!

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