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April 16, 2014


Republicans Create Solution Center

(Minneapolis) – Today, the Republican Party of Minnesota announced the formation of a new Solution Center, which will bring together the best Republican ideas and legislative proposals, and communicate them to the public more effectively.
“Republicans have always been the party of "yes", and we have no shortage of ideas that work in the real world," said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chair. “With our new Solution Center, we will be better able to offer the public a clear picture of our positive vision and the causes Republicans will be leading.”
The oversight of the Center will be provided by Downey and the Minnesota Senate and House minority leaders, David Hann and Kurt Daudt.  After its initial launch, the Center will quickly begin releasing specific causes that Republicans intend to champion and supporting legislation that they propose.

"Republicans have real solutions for hardworking taxpayers," said Daudt. "I look forward to showing how our common-sense ideas work for Minnesotans through this new effort."

The idea for a new approach took shape when more than 800 Republican bills were introduced in the 2013-2014 legislature to address many important issues, yet Democrats kept most from being heard in committee let alone considered for passage.
“The Solutions Center will take proven ideas and turn them into action and legislation to make Minnesota a better place to live,” said Hann. “And it will drive our outreach to the public where they live and work and in ways that are relevant to them.”
Downey concluded by saying that the Solution Center should have a positive impact on this year's elections for Republicans, but more importantly he intends it to have a long lasting impact on the direction of the state by successfully communicating and advancing the serious policy proposals of Republicans.  

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