December 23, 2013

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Let's Continue the Drive

The past couple of weeks have seen an exercise of citizen engagement unlike anything Cincinnati has experienced in recent memory. Historically at the neighborhood level, we tend to see a significant increase in participation when issues that touch self interest are being debated.

To be sure, the streetcar debate did for some involve self interest, but for many, many more (on both sides of the issue), it was a matter of what they felt was best for the future of our city. Many of those had not ever before spoken or acted publicly on an issue of such importance.

It's apparent to us there's a whole lot of passion about Cincinnati throughout the city. This passion, if pointed in the right directions, can benefit every neighborhood in the city.

As city resources have dwindled in recent years, we've encouraged communities to find ways to enlist their native resources and talents to more effectively assure their own futures. Our future prosperity will come from within; we can't rely on City Hall to provide everything for us.

To every community council, we encourage you to find ways to tap into the passion and energy we witnessed the past few weeks. To those who made yourselves heard, we encourage you to continue efforts to make Cincinnati a special city. Find a community group and make a difference. There are a myriad of opportunities available. Let's polish the tiara.

Our upcoming Neighborhood Summit, which will focus on citizen engagement and neighborhood development, will illustrate how one can be productively involved. Mark your calendar for Feb. 22 and plan to attend.

Everyone have a safe, blessed and joyous holidays!

Entrepreneurship Workshop Series
Ever wonder how a particular business got its start? Where someone found inspiration for a business idea? Believe that entrepreneurs are just born that way? Well, a business idea is simply a solution to a problem that someone is willing to pay for, and finding solutions is part of a process that can be learned! Here's an opportunity to do so. This 3-part series, taught by faculty and MBA students from Xavier University's Williams College of Business/Sedler Family Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will take you from the point before an idea is even thought of - problem Identification/prototyping, to creating business plan, and finally, marketing and funding your business.

Sessions will be Saturday, January 11/Saturday, January 18/Saturday, January 25; 9am-12:30pm; BLOC Coffee Company, 3101 Price Ave.

Registration is free of charge (EventBrite - Participants are required to purchase Strengthsfinder 2.0 (can be found used for approx.. $13) and attend all 3 sessions (upon completion book purchase is reimbursed).

Instructors: Lauren Carter, Business Analyst, Fifth Third Bank; Jeff Capannari, MBA Student at Xavier University; Joe Carter, Director, Sedlar Family Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Xavier University; Ju Majid, Finance Manager, P&G and William B. Boyce, Visiting Professor, Williams College of Business at Xavier University. For information please contact Diana Vakharia: 513-251-3800, Ext. 103 or

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This Week at City Hall

All Council meetings have been canceled until January 6, 2014.
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