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Atlanta, 10 Nov 2021

Good afternoon from Atlanta. I've just received the all-clear from my doctor, after a week with COVID. I'm grateful I was vaccinated—I hate to think of what it would have been like without at least some protection. Anyway, as you can imagine, I've been spending much more time in bed than working on the newsletter. 

So what's with the coins? You're actually looking at two sides of one coin (like faith and works). In this case, it isn't biblical, though it is very old. I purchased this silver coin from a dealer in Ephesus last month. After cleaning it up the best I could (without damaging it), I was able to translate the inscriptions and determine the approximate date.

Here's a little competition. Even if you don't know much about history—I hope you'll play anyway!
  • Work out the date on your own, or take a wild guess. We are looking for the year in which it was minted. Remember to include AD or BC.
  • Email me (reply to this newsletter) with your estimate. To be entered in the competition, please also include the city and nation where you reside.
  • The first five persons to send in the correct year(s) will all receive prizes. See explanation below.
  • The first to reply with the correct year receives the grand prize. The second, a more modest gift. The next three, something even simpler.
  • The names of all five will be mentioned in next week's bulletin. (Unless you prefer anonymity.)
*       *       *       *       *       *                   
Prizes: 1st place: any 3 books published by (they don't have to be written by me). 2nd place: 2 books. 3rd, 4th, 5th: 1 book. Residents outside North America, please select a work in digital format.

All for now...

Thank you to all who donated last week towards teaching materials for the developing world. Nearly every need was covered; outstanding needs are still visible at the Support page

Next week (Lord willing) I'll be writing to you from Fort Worth, Texas, where I'm attending the conference of the Evangelical Theological Society. The newsletter will include the final message in the Jeremiah mini-series, "Stocks, Prison, Execution—and Worse."

In Him,


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