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Jacksonville, Florida, 12 October 2016

Good morning. Yesterday was my mother's memorial service here in Jacksonville. My brother and I were born here, and this is also where our father and sister are buried. You have our gratitude for all your kind messages of condolence. They help us to realize that in painful times we are not alone. Thank you.

Today you can read the (delayed) update on the final few days of the recent Africa tour. This newsletter also features our latest apologetics course, as well as our next newsletter series.

Lesotho and South Africa (28 Sep-2 Oct)

The Republic of South Africa (or RSA -- green on the map) is one of my favorite countries. The modern and efficient airport at Johannesburg serves as a great hub for flights all over Southern Africa. Short visit or long, RSA is one of the world's most vital and interesting locations. I arrived 28 Sept (from Kenya), enjoying my time at the home of Dolapo and Nomteto Ogundipe (Soweto).

Maseru, Lesotho
The next morning Dolapo and I flew down to Maseru, Lesotho -- Southern Africa's mountain kingdom (yellow enclave on the map). The snow had all melted (it's springtime, after all), but the country remains ruggedly beautiful. The evening lesson (on Jeremiah) went smoothly. What did not go so smoothly was that, as I exited the building, I promptly fell into a ditch -- a literal, not a figurative, one. The leg looked broken but it was fine, just a ping-pong-size swelling, a nasty bruise, and a little blood. The pain (still with me) proved to be more humbling than incapacitating!

Johannesburg, South Africa
The next day (30 Sept) we bade farewell to the brothers (photo: Paul and Johnson, below), and then Dolapo and I headed back to Johannesburg. As soon as we landed, Jacques Genis, campus leader, drove me directly to a session for university students on "The Validity of Jesus," which proved to be a lively session indeed. Then, after dropping off my bags at the home of church leaders Justin and Irene Renton, my gracious hosts, we headed to the church building, where I spoke to the parents of students on how to deal with "Postmodernism," the prevailing philosophy today in educational institutions, arts and media, and even in many churches.
The next day (1 Oct) we had a congregational teaching afternoon ("What Happens After We Die?" and "The Problem of Human Suffering"). Sunday I preached the word ("The Day of the Lord"), lunched with friends, and headed to the airport for the first of three flight segments that would take me home to Atlanta. Special thanks to Justin Renton for the invitation to South Africa, and for his exemplary leadership. 

All in all, a successful and enjoyable Africa tour! (And again, my apologies to the Zambians and Ghanaians for the last-minute cancelation.)

Christian Evidences

Is the Christian faith a matter of personal opinion and subjective experience, or is it based on solid, verifiable evidence? To put it a different way, is truth like beauty—“in the eyes of the beholder”—or does the Bible’s description of reality apply to everyone? Regardless of our initial response to questions like these, we all need accurate information and helpful answers.
  • For more information, click AIM Nov 2016/Jan 2017.
  • To sign up the next AIM Apologetics course, (Oct 2016-Feb 2017, click here).
  • Instructors: Joseph Harris, Ph.D. student, Trinity Theological Seminary; Douglas A. Jacoby, D.Min., Adjunct Professor of Bible & Theology, Lincoln Christian University; Robert Kurka, D.Min., Professor of Theology & Church in Culture, Lincoln Christian University.

New series: Jeremiah, Jesus & Us

Inspired by recent study in the book of Jeremiah, in the next 5 or 6 newsletters we will explore the powerful message of Jeremiah -- the longest book in the Bible -- and its immediate relevance for the church of our own time. The title: Jeremiah, Jesus & Us: Lies We Church People Tell Ourselves.

As with all the books of the Bible, no matter how long ago they were written -- in Jeremiah's case, some 2600 years ago -- the text is rich with life-changing truth. This comes as no surprise for those who believe that all scripture -- most of which comprises our Old Testament -- is both inspired and practical (2 Tim 3:16). 

Douglas Jacoby

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