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Atlanta, 25 January 2017

Good afternoon from Atlanta! We hope this bulletin funds you in good spirits, walking with the Lord and always striving to better know his word.

This week's bulletin highlights an important word in the Greek New Testament. Even if you don't know Greek, read on!

NT Greek: Physioō (puffed up)

One of my favorite NT words is physióō' (or phusióō), probably because it shows up in the beautiful Ode to Love in Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, and it packs a punch -- especially apt for men and women who aspire to teach others.

The active form of the verb means to cause conceit or arrogance. In the passive voice, it means to be conceited or arrogant. Physióō appears in various forms in 1 Cor 4:6, 8:1, 13:4; 2 Cor 12:20; and Col 2:18. For example, Paul wrote in 1 Cor 8:1, "Knowledge puffs up (physioi); love builds up."

Unless we're careful, learning can distance us from others; a constant companion of knowledge is conceit. Knowledge isn't a weapon, though in the wrong hands it may become one. Love is not conceited (ou physioutai -- 1 Cor 13:4). May we not be puffed up, but rather share what we know with others in loving service.

Speaking Engagements, first half 2017

Jan 14 - JCC (consult), Jacksonville FL
Jan 14-15 - NoVA (preaching and teacher fellowship), Vienna VA
Jan 27-28 - AIM Apologetics II, Atlanta GA
Feb 27 - Debate with Shabir Ally: Islam, Christianity & Violence, Toronto, Canada
Mar 17-18 - AIM Old Testament Survey, Atlanta GA
Mar 29-31 - Biologos Conference, Houston TX
Apr 1-3 - Teaching weekend, Calgary, Canada
Apr 20-22 - Unboxed, Orlando FL
Apr 23 - Local preaching, Orlando FL
Apr 24-30 - Men's Forum & congregational teaching, Accra & Kumasi, Ghana
May TBA - Teaching program in São Paulo, Brazil
Jun 3-11 - Southern African Tour, Lusaka, Zambia; Johannesburg & Durban, RSA

Report from Madrid (Daniel Berk)

One of the promising young teachers this ministry has been able to support is Daniel Berk, who reports back: "Greetings from Madrid, Spain! I made my plunge into Europe in August of 2016, which was made possible with a scholarship from the International Bible Teaching Ministry, as well as donations from loved ones from around the world. Thank you, IBTM! ..." Click HERE for the rest of Daniel's report.

AIM (Athens Institute of Ministry)

Tomorrow the on-site session of the Athens Institute (AIM) will resume (with a welcome dinner at our house). Then Fri-Sat we will study Christian evidences -- the second part of the course started in November. This is crucial material for helping the younger generation come to faith, just as it is immensely helpful for outreach to atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents of other world religions. (IOW, for most of the people on the planet!)

However, although the program has helped with the training of hundreds, funding is lacking. We have only partially compensated our teachers for their work in 2016. Until we either find donors, or triple the enrollment, this will remain the situation. If you or someone you're connected with would like to become a student, or fund AIM, please let us know. Thank you!


Thanks for everyone's gifts of prayer, finance, and moral support. Although many are involved in the ministry, the work is expansive and challenging. We need you.

Your brother,

Clean in '17

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