The goal of this bulletin is to keep you up to date with the International Bible Teaching ministry AND provide practical Bible study material through a report that you can read minutes.
28 January 2015

Hello from Atlanta, and Happy New Year.

After our return from Britain, the main project this month has been teaching Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking leaders in the Miami School of Missions, a training program with UN-style translation). We've also just come off an excellent weekend at our home church, North River, with Guy & Cathy Hammond of Strength in Weakness Ministries. Hope your new year (and any new resolutions) are going well. 

We've moved to a new plan. Instead of monthly, the bulletins will now go out weekly. The biggest change: more teaching material. Every issue will contain something to study: a theme to pursue, an idea to chew on, a podcast to listen to, an interesting book to study, a tip for outreach or personal devotions, or some other practical for your Christian walk.

Romans series

For example, this week I wanted to call your attention to a meaty podcast series.

Since I started writing for the web in 1998, the amount of material has grown to about 10,000 pages. There are articles, Q&As, a Women's Corner, and podcasts -- lots of them! So if you'd like something meaty for your personal devotionals, please take a look at Romans A-Z. The series (26 lessons) might be especially useful if you're searching for a Bible project that can last a few weeks. In fact, there are a number of other multi-week series available, too.

Study tour: Germany & Switzerland

Finally, the 2015 Biblical Study Tour will focus on Reformation Church History. We will cover all parts -- Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and even the Radical Reformation (Anabaptists -- "re-baptizers"). History affords perspective. And it's inspiring to realize how valiantly believers struggled to break out of unhealthy medieval Christianity into a more biblical faith! If you're interested, please click here. Hope to see you in Germany & Switzerland!
Thank you
Thanks so much for your interest in the International Bible Teaching Ministry (IBTM). Your prayers and support are needed and certainly appreciated!

Yours in Him,
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