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Atlanta, 28 December 2016

Happy Xmas to all! We hope that for you the season brings more joy than sadness, and more appreciation of Christ whatever your situation.

Actually, some people aren't too happy with the abbreviation "X" -- and we sometimes hear about efforts to put Christ back into Xmas. Yet this is a misunderstanding. The X isn't some non-specific cipher (as in follow your own religion in your own way), nor is it mathematical (like x in algebra). To learn what X is, just click and read this short article.

For a reflection on New Year's Day(s), you may wish to listen to the 10-minute podcast.

CLEAN in 2017?

There's a new series designed to make your New Year a great year, and it's called Clean in '17. The 31 lessons begin 1 January.

Whether you struggle with the world (worldliness and its temptations) or are already striving against it and simply want to fortify your conviction, this series can make a great difference.

Please check out Clean in '17. Will you join me?

And Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (Look for our special New Year's podcast next week.)

And thanks for keeping up with the International Bible Teaching Ministry. Special thanks to our monthly and special supporters. We couldn't carry out even half of our ministry without you!

May we all begin 2017 with more love, wisdom, and passion for Him.

Douglas Jacoby

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