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St. Augustine, Florida, 11 January 2017

Good afternoon! I met my brother in our hometown of Jacksonville, in order to finalize our mother's estate and to consult with the leadership team of the Jacksonville Church. It's especially nice having family in nearby St. Augustine, beautifully located on the Atlantic, and also the oldest town in the US (founded 1565).

This weekend I'll also be in the Washington DC area, our home for ten years. My purpose is to spend some quality time with the appointed teacher (and a dear friend) in Northern Virginia Church of Christ. The scope of the International Bible Teaching Ministry is large, and it's important for any group that values biblical authority to encourage as many brothers and sisters with the teaching gift as possible. They play a vital role in the body of Christ! I'm in regular contact with about 40 such persons.

10 Lepers

In our January series CLEAN we are now examining the lives of various men, women, and children who were lepers, or possessed demons, or died -- and were healed, exorcized, or reanimated (24 of our 31 podcasts). Today's podcast is open to everyone (website member or not), as are podcasts 0-4. Listen to The 10 Lepers. At the podcast page you will also find a link to my sermon on the same topic.

We who are Christians have been cleansed from the leprosy of sin. We need to feel, and express, gratitude towards the One who has cleansed us! Then we won't struggle to share the good news with others! Opening our mouths becomes natural.


Thanks for all your financial assistance, especially to our monthly donors -- about 40 men and women who keep the ministry running. Thanks to them our work is supported 51% of the way. Other donors account for another 15%. Thus the ministry is about 66% financed, and for the present we are still seeking donors. Maybe you're in a position to join them, and support the International Bible Teaching Ministry,.

In Him,
Douglas Jacoby
Clean in '17

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