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Atlanta, 1 February 2017

Good afternoon!

After a particularly busy week (9 classes, 7 podcasts, and a sermon), my midweek offering must be meager (no lesson). Yet I am able to introduce my latest book, Answering Skeptics, as it was just released (earlier than expected).

Hot off the press!

The latest offering is an evidences work I hope will prove to be a useful companion to Compelling Evidence. As hinted at by the cover, it's written informally, and works through dozens of common questions and objections related to the Christian faith.

The full title is Answering Skeptics: Sharing Your Faith with Critics, Doubters, and Seekers. To order Answering Skeptics, just click the image.


CLEAN in '17 is now complete. This year, many of you started your day listening to the month-long podcast series. January 2017 is past, but the series will remain up at the website till 2217. Just kidding! -- Who can peer that far into the future? But if you benefited from the series, please point your friends to Clean in '17. Thanks!

Your brother,


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