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Atlanta, 1 Mar 2017

Good afternoon! I'm back from Toronto. The debate with the sheikh went great. A somewhat smaller attendance than we had hoped for, but still nearly 700 persons have watched the event, either in the auditorium or by means of the streaming utility.

Raw debate footage is already viewable at Global Muslims -- the link I sent everyone on Sunday. In a few days, videographer Akbar Ali tells me, the final version should be up at that website. 

The Christians and the Muslims in the audience were stimulated and encouraged. Although the topic of violence could have been sensitive, this was a non-issue for the group that gathered on the U of Toronto campus. Sheikh Shabir and I are already considering a third debate / dialogue in 2018. 

Today's bulletin has two features. They are obviously related, though this did not strike me until I'd already written the articles. Take a look and see what you think.

Aliens & Strangers, by Brett Kreider

Part of my ministry as a teacher is to put excellent biblical material into the hands of Bible students -- perhaps especially for those who teach. With this in mind, I am proud to recommend my friend and fellow teacher Brett Kreider's book, Aliens & Strangers: The Life & Letters of Peter.

Too often, Christians today blend in with everyone else. Rather than “strange,” we appear normal; instead of “aliens,” our lives seem no different than the citizens of this world. Peter’s call was to choose inheritance over indulgence and conviction over compromise, and to be alert to the powers that wage war against our souls (1 Pet 2:11-12).

Brett works in the field of cybersecurity -- the parallels to the hacks and attacks of the Evil One are obvious -- and this man, a mature and effective disciple of Christ, knows what he's talking about! Please CLICK for the rest of this article.

Protect your family: Porn proofing

Along the lines of being "aliens and strangers" in the world, I thought this piece from the website of Jon Sherwood: Fueling Faith in the 21st Century was apropos -- especially as we live in an age where, when it comes to sexual mores, people "don't even know how to blush" (Jer 6:14).

In Protect Your Family #PornProofing, Jon recommends a number of programs that secure our computers. One of these is Covenant Eyes. Click on the image above to learn more. If you end up purchasing this filtering program, a portion of the cost comes back to support the International Bible Teaching Ministry. Thanks!


The "surprising" scriptures of the Bible series, originally scheduled to kick off today, has been delayed until 8 March. I would like to ask for your help. Is there a verse that you find surprising, embarrassing, contradictory, etc? Send it to me, and I will try to help in the following eight newsletters. (Thanks!) Otherwise, I already have eight passages that I believe most newsletter readers should find interesting and profitable.

So, until next week, God bless. And let's all walk ("march") with Him in the month of March!


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