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Atlanta, 9 December 2015

Good morning from balmy Atlanta! Sometimes I feel like asking God, "Where's our snow?" Didn't you create four seasons? Yet there are advantages to this southern clime. The warm afternoons make it all the easier to kayak.

Of course the season isn't just about weather, but culture, too. With this in mind I'm recording three podcasts I hope will be of interest as you navigate the Xmas season.
Old St. Nick
The first podcast in this series is called St. Nick: Historical Core of Xmas Lore. CLICK to listen. It's just 16 minutes long, and there are notes and maps to guide us as we learn about the original Nicholas, a fourth-century church leader. Next week's podcast is called The 12 Terms of Christmas.

In the meantime, if you'd like more, here's an earlier podcast on the origins of Christmas. Don't spend the holidays thoughtlessly. Push yourself to learn something where our Yuletide customs come from. More important still, challenge yourself not to be duped by the advertisers. To that end, Holiday Preparation contains even more food for thought: All days are for the Lord -- we never take a vacation or holiday from him, no matter what the rest of the world is doing.

Visit Israel in 2016!

For those fascinated in the Scriptures, the Biblical Study Tour (BST) opens a panorama of both history and imagination. The BST takes us to places of biblical significance (for both testaments), and can literally change the way we read God's Word. Tour leaders: Douglas Jacoby (Atlanta) & Steve Kinnard (New York). Already nearly 40 have signed up!

During the Christmas season there's lots of talk about the Lord Jesus. But wouldn't it be even better to walk in the land of Jesus Christ? To better anchor our faith in reality? (What really happened back in 6 BC, and what can we know for sure about the history?) Don't just think about the King of Israel; go to Israel!

With this in mind, Vicki and I would like to invite you to join in next year's adventure. To learn more about this truly golden opportunity, CLICK for the webpage that explains all. 

Till next week
We hope your December is going well, and that as biblical Christians you appreciate "the reason for the season." Thanks for your end-of-year gifts and many prayers. And please stay in touch!

Yours in Him,
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