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Atlanta,  4 January 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you're off to a good start. Whether your plans and resolutions are simple or elaborate, one important component is meditating on the Word (Psalm 1:2; Josh 1:8). When God's Word dwells in us richly (Col 3:16), we tend to make better decisions -- and stick with them.

There's nothing like reflecting on Scripture to stimulate the mind and strengthen the heart. Yet there are all sorts of means to better understand the Lord and his ways. That's why we should make time to become familiar with the resources available to guide us through our lives, questions, and issues.

A huge part of the International Bible Teaching Ministry (IBTM) is the creation of new material, like books and podcasts and Q&As. I hope you find something useful here.

What's New?

Every week there's new material at the website. Sometimes it's answers to questions you have submitted through the website. Other times it might be a book, or a guest article. One of the newest items is Exodus: Night of Redemption (available from IPI).

Others include:
Q&A 0007 – The Trinity
Q&A 1448 – Giving to those who beg
Q&A 1449 – Okay for Christians to rewrite worldly songs?
Q&A 1450 John 8 and converting unbelievers
Q&A 1451 Was Jesus ignorant when he was on the earth?
Q&A 1452 Smothered by fundamentalists?
Q&A1453 – Should a Christian Attend a Gay Wedding? – by John Sherwood
2016's Three Vital Lessons about Death -- by Daniel Berk
And also on the banner (top of homepage), CLEAN in '17. For even more study suggestions, keep reading...

What's Dr. J. reading?

Like many of you, I'm a big reader: history, science, spy novels, Christian books -- but mainly books with a faith perspective. Here are four of my January reads, if you're looking for recommendations. (And it's extra interesting when you know the authors personally!)

31 Days to Purity

Hundreds of men and women are now benefiting from January's daily podcasts. Please check out Clean in '17. Will you join us?

In Him,
Douglas Jacoby

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