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Atlanta, 16 December 2015

God Jul!, as they say in the Nordic countries. Happy Christmas (Britain),  Merry Christmas (U.S.)! Today's edition is the middle of three Christmas newsletters.

After last week's podcast on St. Nicholas, I recorded one more (see below). And if you're really into Xmas, consider Santa Claus: The Engineer's PerspectiveWhy it's fine to write Xmas, and even a piece on Hanukkah.
Christmas lingo: Don't be clueless
Come Yuletide, many seasonal terms are thrown about that are rarely spoken during the rest of the year. What's Yule? What are Magi? When are the "12 Days of Christmas"? Were Joseph and Mary really turned away from an inn? Why do people say Noël? These and other Christmas terms are identified and explained in a short podcast, with ample notes (15 minutes). Click to hear The 12 Terms of Christmas.

IBTM cities, 2015

Berlin, Germany
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Düsseldorf, Germany
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Genève, Switzerland
Kingstown, Grenada
Laoag, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Mexico City [WebEx]
Montreal, Canada
Nairobi, Kenya
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
St-Légier, Switzerland

St. Vincent & the Grenadines
San José, Costa Rica x3
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Singapore, Singapore
Wittenberg, Germany
Zürich, Switzerland

Atlanta, Georgia
Greenville, South Carolina
Jackson, Mississippi
Jacksonville, Florida x3
Knoxville, Tennessee
Marietta, Georgia (North River)
Miami, Florida
Norfolk, Virginia
Wilmington, North Carolina

End-of-year giving

The International Bible Teaching Ministry has a long reach, with on-site lessons and training being delivered in 111 nations to date. In the section above are the locations of only our 2015 events! The work is possible largely through your donations (about 60%). Special thanks to our monthly supporters and larger givers.

Please, if you're in a position to make an end-of-year donation, consider the International Bible Teaching Ministry. Your gift is tax deductible (U.S. only).

Till next week

I'll be back next week with a third piece on Christmas, including a special photograph that illustrates a wonderful Christmas gift strategy. In the meantime, shop wisely!

Your brother,
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