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Atlanta, 30 December 2015

After our unseasonably warm and non-white Christmas (75 degrees F, 24 C), here in Atlanta we're not sure whether we're ramping up for a new year or for spring!

Seriously, it's time to prepare for 2016. First, hear a short podcast about New Year's Day. Next, you're invited to join with me and hundreds of other disciples of Christ in studying the book of Proverbs throughout January.
New Year's Day podcast
The website has about 30 items in the Special Days category under Podcasts. Today I invite you to listen to the New Year's Day podcast
Disciplined Living in 2016
To do well spiritually requires that we grow in multiple areas (2 Pet 1:5-9). To stagnate dangerous spiritually (2 Pet 1:10)! That means discipline is a core character trait. It is also a trait the world covets, especially at the start of every new year. Every year it's the same: resolutions to lose weight, promises to balance the checkbook, plans to write that book or get that promotion. Not surprisingly, many of those outside of Christ fall flat.

Yet for Christians, resolve to be disciplined isn't a phase or fad; it's essential if we are to be like Christ. Peter even connects discipline with entering the heavenly kingdom (2 Pet 1:6). Paul encourages us that we have received a Spirit of self-discipline (2 Tim 1:7), so there must be a way.

Do you need to become more focused, strategic, wise, or driven in 2016? One book in the Bible has been given for precisely this purpose.
  • Proverbs has 31 chapters
  • January has 31 days
  • Our special series has 31 podcasts -- one a day, for each chapter in Proverbs.
Click to listen to the INTRO to our series, Disciplined Living in 2016. And come back to the website on New Year's Day for the first podcast in the series, Proverbs 1.

Till next week...

Thanks for your generous support throughout 2015. (We are currently about $27,000 short for 2015, yet many friends of the ministry donate in the last few days of the year. It's not too late.)

May the last 36 hours of 2015 be a productive time of reflection (looking back), anticipation (looking forward), and living in the moment.

Yours in Him,
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