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Atlanta, 22 February 2017

Good afternoon! After a great husband / wife time in England, Vicki and I are back in the States. Next city on the speaking circuit: beautiful Toronto, Canada, one of my favorite countries.

The event is Violence, the Qur’an & the Bible. This will be my second debate Imam Shabir Ally. We square off 7-9 pm on Mon 27 Feb, on the University of Toronto Campus, Room MC 102, Mechanical Engineering Building, 5 King's College Road, Toronto. The lecture hall accommodates several hundred. Anyone in the area is welcome to attend. If you're free that night, please come! For me, the ideal Muslim / Christian ratio would be 50/50. 

My Muslim hosts are handling the recording and streaming. I hope to send out viewing details soon, in a separate email. I also solicit your prayers for a respectful and beneficial interaction -- and one that glorifies Christ. 

10 More Q&As!

In today's newsletter, you will find 10 more Q&As, concluding February's offering of questions and answers. All the Q&As below were written this month. (There are two more February Q&As, at the website.)

Q 1462: Praying in the Spirit -- Does this really mean "praying in tongues," or is there a simpler explanation? The real question: Are we praying in the Spirit, or going in our own strength?
Q 1463: Messianic Judaism -- In modern times, a movement has sprung up (for the first time) claiming that Christians need to follow (most of) the Old Testament regulations. Those who have not been thoroughly instructed in the OT are sometimes swept up in the fever.
Q 1464: Praying to the Saints -- When did Christians begin directing their prayers to departed believers, instead of praying directly to the Father through Jesus Christ? Is there any chance Catholics and Orthodox on the right track?
Q 1465: Good Bible Software  -- Looking for the right Bible software for your computer needs? Let Joey Harris guide you through the various options.
Q 1466: Event Planners & Gay Weddings -- If I'm an event planner, should I ever facilitate an event that I feel violates Scripture?
Q 1467: Did God regret creating humans? -- "If God is all-knowing, how come..." Many Bible questions begin this way. Did the Lord made a mistake?
Q 1468: Fig tree & Destruction of Jerusalem -- Do the signs in Mark 13 (preceding the Lord's coming) have to do with our day, or the first century?
Q 1469: Witchcraft, pharmakeia, and marijuana -- Is Galatians 5:20 a proof-text against the recreational use of marijuana?
Q 1470: Imagination, mediation, and revelation -- What is contemplative prayer? Is this a healthy practice, or a dangerous one?
Q 1471: Why would we die if we saw the face of God? -- God is holy, but he is also love. So why does the Bible say we'd die if we beheld his face? Is there another possibility?

Finally, after receiving some feedback on Q 1461: Should Christians work in professions that produce weapons for military use?, I've significantly expanded the reply. Updated version available here.

I do hope some of the Q&As above will be relevant or interesting to you. BTW, if at any time you find an error, please let me know. We want the website to be as professional, navigable, and useful as possible -- no small challenge, with more than 10,000 pages of material! Thanks.

Next week: surprise verses

During March and April we'll take a look at a handful of commonly misinterpreted verses. Some are misunderstood by critics of Christianity, others by church people. So, until next week... God bless.


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