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The floor of the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna is so good.

This week
Sziasztok from Budapest! I just learned that Call Your Girlfriend was named one of iTunes' best podcasts of the year. On this week's episode, we discuss gifting and giving. And for those of you who read Italian, I was interviewed in Corriere Della Sera about this newsletter.

I'm reading
2016: The year we played ourselves. "Now is the time to resist the slightest extension in the boundaries of what is right and just." The black person's burden of managing white emotions. Hannah Arendt and making sense of overt racism. Not everything is "fake news"—the problem is also waning trust in real reporting. How to self-check the news. Step one: Be skeptical while on Facebook and Google. The myth that Hillary Clinton ignored the working class. Remembering the trans women killed in the Oakland fire. A surgeon's defense of Medicare. Civil servants might be our last line of defense. The Trump kids' ongoing inheritance. The soccer-star refugees of Eritrea. A photojournalist on covering Duterte's killing spree in the Philippines (with a warning: Really graphic photos are included). "I was born white but I try to choose to be Jewish." Central Park was once a thriving free black community. How '90s rappers worked for HIV awareness. What race has to do with redistricting. Morality in four meals. What it's like to live at the mall and go to adulthood bootcampMemes don't matter.

Pie chart
Paid memberships include a pie chart here, are just $5/year, and can even be given as gifts!

Mostly old movies this week. Dr Mabuse the Gambler. The Third Man. Etc.

I've spent a lot of time looking at intense classic art lately. On a lighter note...
[gifs by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro and James Kerr]

I'm giving

A knife.
 If you know someone who's sharpening up for political battle, get her the How Dare You? acrylic knife from eythink. Bonus: 50% of the sale price of each piece will be donated to, which supports LGBTQ prisoners. 

A year of great reading, aka a newspaper or magazine subscription. Some suggestions:
A plane ticket to the Women's March on Washington. Non-women are invited to march, too. I'll definitely be there. Let's do this.
Rad Women Worldwide, which tells the stories of 40 women who have fought for equality around the globe—from ancient Sumerian poets to modern activists and graffiti artists. This is a great gift for kids or adults who are looking for some historical inspiration. 

An abortion. Well, an abortion for a woman who would otherwise be unable to afford one. A donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds ensures that women can access money to choose. Planned Parenthood is also a good option. 

...or another donation. Lots of publications have put together lists of charities that could use your dollars. When I give donations as a gift, I like to pair them with a personal letter about why I chose to give in someone's name. Then your gift is not only the donation, but the letter explaining it. People love handwritten letters, trust me. Plus it's a reason to get some nice stationary or holiday cards.

Art! Sites like Uprise Art and 20x200 sell prints and original works at affordable prices, perfect for art lovers who want to start a collection. Investing directly in artists is always a great decision.

Some help on following through. The Safety Pin Box is "a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation." There are several different options and price points.

A little slice of colorful light. These David Scheid stained glass pieces are perfect pick-me-ups.

Inspiration. Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey, The Fire This Time anthology, Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark, Heather Havrilesky's How to Be a Person in the World, or whatever book you read this year that turned you on. Include an inscription about why you're giving it.

A good lol. There are lots of fun little things at independent, artist-run shops like Friend Mart (boob socks! La Croix planters!) and Working Girls (Whoopi pin!). 

A workshop or membership at a community organization. In Los Angeles, I recommend the Women's Center for Creative Work. But collectives and community-oriented groups exist in many other cities, too—do a little research, and you might find a way to give the gift of involvement with community.

Don't like any of my ideas? Try the Mo Money Mo Progress gift guide.

Jan 19, Portland, OR: I'm speaking at the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies' annual conference.

The Classifieds

August: seeking experienced consultants to help us build capable teams for the world's most meaningful missions. Hiring in London and NYC
Claim your Best Gift Giver title this holiday season with unique soy candles poured in vintage glassware from Threadbare Candle Co! V cute.

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"Friday achievements: paid for my @annfriedman weekly newsletter, feeling inspired to restart my own tinyletter, ate an apple, took my meds." -Zoe Block. HELL YES, this is quite the set of accomplishments. 

"Fridays are the best because a new episode of @callyrgf and a newsletter from @annfriedman." -Sara. Fridays are the best, full stop.

"I just re-upped my @annfriedman subscription. Do it. #ladyswagger" -Scott Burau. This is a holiday gift you can definitely give me. In case you were wondering.

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