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This week
I've always worked better with collaborators than I have alone, so it's no surprise that my self-employed life really improved when I started thinking of myself as a "we." It became a way of enforcing the boundaries I set for myself. "We don't ever write for free." "We have to have a contract in hand before we start work." "It's our policy to recommend someone else for the job when we turn something down." "We only work on weekends in rare and extremely well-compensated circumstances." Most royals are totally useless. Except for the "we."
On the podcast this week, the non-royal we (that is, me and Amina) discuss extreme abortion restrictions in Iowa and Ireland, respectively. And then we lighten it up with some pop culture recommendations.

I'm reading
"Not enough can be said about sexual relationships that start in a coercive silence; the damage can be indefinite and lifelong," writes Shreerekha of her relationship with Junot Diaz. Sally Rooney on the Irish abortion referendum: "Pregnancy, entered into willingly, is an act of generosity... Such generosity is in no other circumstances required by law." Despite Israel’s best efforts, the Palestinians have not disappeared. The 9.9 percent is the American aristocracy. Paulette Jordan could be the first Native American to serve as governor. The gripping story of how close we came to one of the deadliest political shootings in US history last year. Rebecca Solnit on skipping American high school. Hanif Abdurraqib on fasting during Ramadan. Kara Brown makes fancy pasta for peace of mind. The state of gentefication. Queer women can't afford to be ambivalent about motherhood. What’s happening to ‘queer’ cinema in the LGBT film boom? How Ryan Murphy upended television. A spokesboy for the patriarchy, which is less appealing than ever thanks to #MeToo. How concert ticket fees got so out of control. The tragic end of one man's campaign against UberRetail workers are uniquely vulnerable to harassment. We're drowning in plastic. Getting naked in Death Valley. A hilarious oral history of a haphazardly constructed water parkMicrodosing is officially a trend. The class connotations of leopard print. The history of the Solo cup.

Members only
Get the members-only version for just $5/year. [This is a secure site that takes all major credit cards but, unfortunately, not PayPal.] I'd love your support, and you'll get some funny pie charts in exchange. Today you're missing one about the royal family that I titled "The Aristocrusty Pie" and I'm still laughing to myself about it. What a nerd.

I’m looking & listening
"I've always felt that eventually it was going to happen here, too." Photos of queer teens winning prom. Bad Ally, a new webseries. "Palestinians want freedom, just like anyone would." The view from an ambulance in Gaza. A new podcast about the gender pay gap. I had to pause Ali Wong's new standup special because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Replacing Tom Cruise with Terry CrewsSheila Heti on the Longform podcast. The Nod has an incredible story about colonialism, dictatorship, and an infamous soccer moment. A photographer's love letter to city libraries. Beautiful portraits of Freedom Riders. Meanwhile in San Quentin prison...

Wake me up when there's a Royale wedding. Talk about high tea! Can you imagine?

I endorse
Instagram accounts that help me learn about history and gain some perspective on the present. Some of my favorites:
  • @lgbt_history, a fantastic account by Leighton Brown & Matthew Riemer.
  • @theunsungheroines by Molly Schiot, who writes, "It’s paramount, especially now, that we honor women who paved the way, b/c without visibility & representation our history becomes lost."
  • @alexis_coe, who makes history very accessible and very fun. I've learned so much from her stories.
  • @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y, which features lesbian culture and herstoric images, by Kelly Rakowski.
  • @workingclasshistory, because "History isn't made by kings or politicians, it is made by us: billions of ordinary people." YES.
Which social accounts do you follow to learn more about the world? I'm not talking about news accounts—more like accounts that put the headlines in some perspective for you. You can use this form to recommend one here.

You endorse
National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund. "The fight to defend reproductive healthcare is a huge horrible all-encompassing state and federal battle... but in the midst of the political frenzy, the National Abortion Federation ALSO focuses on all of the other pieces that are necessary for reproduction choice to be a reality.
In a hostile abortion environment, NAF provides crucial support to keep clinics open, safe, and up to excellent medical standards while also training medical professionals to provide abortions and helping clinics expand their services. Most importantly, the National Abortion Federation Hotline (toll-free 1-800-772-9100) is an extraordinary resource for anyone who needs an abortion. Every week they provide thousands of callers with confidential, unbiased, factual abortion resources." -A grateful abortion clinic staff member.

The Classifieds

We spend hours reading the internet every day, then assemble the best of it into a short, meme-filled summary. You should check it out:
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