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This week
It's foolish to lecture teen girls about sex when we should really be worrying about why generations of hetero women have a hard time getting off. [Just found out this is running Sunday night, not today. Delayed gratification. Link coming next week!] Plus! I noticed some uncanny similarities between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump. And on the podcast, we've got Hillary's right-hand woman Huma Abedin.

I'm reading
Body politics (literally—if you're a woman). How to hack an election. Barney Frank is not impressed. Why we crave public squares. Shut up about Harvard. The evolution of anxiety. Millennials will never retire. Working for yourself is not glamorous. The slapstick anarchy of Broad City. The data gap—and the wage gap—in women's sports. A defense of Bridget Jones. Anthony Doerr's blindspotOvarian rhapsody. Can an outsider become Amish? Can a hot-dog lover become a foodie? Can your home become a serene temple of cleanliness and order? A haunted mansion in L.A. Slowly choking to death in Detroit. Why jihadists study engineering. "Survivor" and "expert" are not mutually exclusive. How activists replaced radicals and we became a world of consumers. The unprofessional artist. The sublime desert. What "cage free" really means. Fear itself. Dupes, gulls, and schnooksThey wants you to be great.

Pie chart

Zaha Hadid's most jaw-dropping work. Salad cakes. Beverly Cleary turns 100. Punk rock in '70s LA. Sun Ra teleports an entire planet with music. Langston Hughes' history of jazz.


I endorse
Lisa Hanawalt's Hot Dog Taste Test. I am not the world's biggest Bojack Horseman fan or a comics reader in general, so I was not expecting to love this book of weird & wonderful comics as much as I do. I also was surprised I actually liked the new PeeWee movie, in the same sort of stoner-weirdo way.

April 9, D.C.: OWN IT Summit at Georgetown [tickets]
April 10, D.C.: Call Your Girlfriend live show [sold out] 
April 19, Montreal: Dynamic/MTL [tickets]

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Hi! I'm Ann's friend Nikki. This is me. I'm smart, funny, very pop culture-y—if pop culture stopped in the 90's with a long smoke break in the 70's. I hate Tinder but love humans. AC/DC as they used to say. Take me out? Me: tacos, classic rock, collecting books, watching movies, lover of animals and the occult. I read tarot. No alcohol. Nature is my jam and my jam is strawberry. 35, hot. Really.

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