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Electrical light in rarefied gas”, aquatint by M. Rapine; plate X in Les phénomènes de la physique (1868)   

This week
Hello from Toronto, where I am enjoying the cusp-of-fall weather, saying hi to strangers on the street, and keeping my eyes peeled for a bag of President's Choice lemongrass chips. (Nothing beats a regional snack recommendation from a trusted friend. Thank you, Hilda.) The first show of our CYG tour is here tonight! You can catch us in Detroit tomorrow night, in Denver and Austin next weekend, and in Washington, D.C. on October 26. We've had a lot of fun putting this in-person experience together, and I think these live shows are going to be a delight.

On the podcast, we're dispelling some myths about the women's suffrage movement, and discussing how—even today—the right to vote doesn't always mean the ability to cast a ballot. 

I'm reading
Four years in startups, an excerpt from Anna Wiener's forthcoming Uncanny Valley, which is easily one of the best books I've read this year. The "Cancel Culture" con.  How Monica Heisey found herself at spin class. How anti-vaccine sentiment took hold in the United States. When anti-immigration sentiment meant keeping out black pioneers. Judith Butler asks, "Is it ok to criticize the crimes of the Israeli government without ceding one’s Jewish identity?" Jonathan Van Ness comes out. Why it matters that ‘Emily Doe’ in the Brock Turner case is Asian-American. The rise of "hangry." Consider the butt.

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Become a paying member for just $5/year. What are you missing? Today, it's an Impeach Pie chart. Click here to see what these charts are all about.

I’m looking & listening
The impeachment song by Cymere Lasean Nobles, on repeat.


I endorse
A state-by-state guide to registering to vote with these excellent illustrations by Mona Chalabi
If you, like me, are a fan of Mona's work, she sells prints of many of her data visualizations and illustrations!

You endorse
"Did you know Bitch Media is in danger of closing down?" -Gina M. D'Andrea Weatherup.

Ed. note: Independent, feminist media is near and dear to my heart. If it's near and dear to yours, too, consider making a donation to keep Bitch in print.

I'm on CYG Tour, obvs. Come see us!

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