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Alyson Provax, Untitled (it doesn't have to happen right away)   

This week
I was so sad to learn of Jonathan Gold's death last weekend. It prompted me to dig out an old interview I did with him and transcribe it. You can read it here. (I felt awkward about leaving in his compliments and questions to me, but they show the kind of person he was, so they stayed.)

It also made me grateful for my digital-hoarding tendencies. Sometimes you don't know what gems you're sitting on until some time has passed or some circumstances have changed.

On the podcast, we discuss what's truly public on the internet, and what should probably be considered private.

I'm reading
White fragility. Say her name: Nia Wilson. How Trump's war on immigrants is playing out far from the border—in New York City, to be specific. The social-media concern has ebbed, but the stories from separated families continue to be terrible. Stacey Abrams could become America's first black female governor, and Elizabeth Warren's fight to defeat Trump. Skills for combating the health effects of racism. The overwhelming whiteness of architectureCharlottesville, one year later. LeBron James as a political public figure, not just a powerful player. Kid Cudi on music and mental health. Paul Beatty in conversation with Viet Thanh Nguyen. Fake Saudi princesliterary-world scammers, and extremely successful snake-oil saleswomen. What happens when personal growth becomes part of the comic-book plot. How "love team" fandom in the Philippines has sparked connections—and labor organizing—among domestic workers in the diaspora. A writer finds out about the man who once wore the used jacket he purchased. How Tuesday Bassen is disrupting the fashion industry. Newspaper closures are class warfare. Why paying for stuff in America is so complicated now. How plastic-straw bans burden people with disabilities. The case for irony. What it means to be good at funerals. How to go back to a flip phone.

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I’m looking & listening
Season 2 of Internetting with Amanda Hess. The First Draft podcast interviews with writers on writing.

I've probably used this gif before. I think about it all the time.

I endorse
A public-health PSA from Mona Chalabi and Mae Ryan! They went looking for informative videos about breast self-exams and didn't find anything useful aimed at a general audience. So they made this gorgeous video. (Warning to those of you in an office: There are boobs in it.)

You endorse
Holding up a flight to stop a deportation. "This week Swedish woman Elin Ersson successfully prevented the deportation of a man from Sweden to Afghanistan, by holding up her flight to Istanbul until the airline removed the man from the flight. She broadcast live on Facebook during her protest, demonstrating how to stop a deportation on a commercial flight. She quite possibly saved the man's life. It is totally legal to refuse to sit down on a flight in order to halt a deportation. This forces the pilot to make a decision about whether they want to be party to the deportation - they can refuse to take off until the person is removed from the flight. It also encourages airlines to stop participating in deportations - Virgin Atlantic ceased doing so earlier this year." -Vanessa.

Ed. Note: Reminder that this is the space I hand over to you all every week, and anyone can make a recommendation.
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The Classifieds

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