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I learned this week that the travertine stones that make up the Getty Museum are full of fossils.   

This week
I wrote this newsletter in advance because I'm on vacation right now. (Thanks to all of you who sent me Beijing recommendations.) So if today's edition seems brief and a little outdated, you know why. It is, in fact, an email blast from the past. 

I'm reading
The gravest danger to American democracy is the false promise of civility. Can a woman who is an artist ever be just an artist? All the sad literary women. The only female story artist at Pixar. On the 25th anniversary of Susan Stryker's essay that's considered one of the founding documents of trans studies. A woman who was imprisoned for 15 years for failing to protect her kids from abuse has been freed. Abortion in a post-clinic United States. When a rural hospital dies, the community around it starts to follow suit. How the states became the real climate-change battleground. A global startup aims to exploit the underground music scene. A mathematician on where ideas come from. The quinceañera, redefined. The truth about pregnancy over 40Jennifer Aniston is angry now! Can a pork roast save a dying relationship? Nell Zink on the odd birds of the Amazon basin. Like us, cows need friends. Why we're all so tired: We don't have 5-hour workdays, and we're striving for happiness.

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I’m looking & listening
I really liked Parasite. The myth that masculinity = testosterone. A new podcast about radical women artists.

The present is always rebelling against the past.

I endorse
101 ways to live more sustainably. This list is helping me question some of my habits and assumptions.

I also realized this week that one of my greatest drug-free highs is setting an out-of-office email auto-responder. Wow, does it feel good.

You endorse
High Country News. "You can buy a digital subscription, but I get the biweekly hard copy in the mail because my favorite part is the back page, aka Heard Around the West, which I recently called the western U.S.'s answer to the Harper's Weekly Review (and I also read that, religiously, because of you). HCN's website calls HAtW 'a longstanding section in the High Country News print edition that captures obscure and absurd tidbits and stories from around the region.' The magazine as a whole has opened my eyes to a range of issues and helps me think more deeply about what it means to be 'from' a place." -Erin Klenow

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"I love your newsletter every week, but the links this week are on fire!!!" -Kerry. I love having "on" weeks.

"When I took the plunge to be a paying friend of the Ann Friedman weekly at this time in 2016, I was a (financially) struggling grad student in desperate need of hope, reading, and answers. Two things haven’t changed since then: The political landscape is still hella grim, and being a paying member of the AFW brings me all the joy." -Mallory. I especially appreciate those of you who dedicate some of your precious spending money to fund this newsletter.

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