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This week
We've got Rebecca Traister on the podcast, talking about—what else?—women's anger, and why it's politically important. I'm actually trying to stay in the rage zone and keep myself from moving into resignation and complacency, which I can feel creeping around the corner.

On that note: Are you registered to vote in this year's midterm election? Are all of your friends registered? The deadlines are fast approaching—many of them in the next few days:

I'm reading
How fraud formed Trump, and why cruelty is the point of his administration. Migrant children are being moved to new detention camps under cover of darkness. Who is really "the resistance"? How race affects our willingness to forgive bad teen behavior. Nikki Darling and Myriam Gurba on surviving violence and making art. Men grapple with the fact that they've been bystanders to and perpetrators of violence. How men can engage with gender in a more meaningful way. Joy Press interviews Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about his new show—and about the misconduct allegations against him. How we know Kavanaugh is lying. What is a judge, if not a teacher? Against character witnesses. A group of Latina women across the country have been turning their homes into shelters for abused immigrant women. How black women are turning out voters in the South. The movement to restore felons' voting rights in Florida. Nicole Chung on complicating the transracial adoptee narrative. The last good thing on Twitter. Who benefits from exaggerating the threat of A.I. robots. Taxi drivers talk about their depression. A catalog of people's loneliest moments. A 17-year-old Palestinian activist describes her months in prison. The genius of Sandra Oh. Jessica Hopper profiles Cat Power's Chan Marshall. The story of Eartha Kitt in Istanbul. Alaskan Native women revive a tattoo tradition. The racist history of the word "spook." Stop erasing trans drag queens. A gay man on the pleasures of being cruised. Every memoir by a presidential mistress. The person to blame for adults on scooters. Let's hear it for mediocrity.

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I’m looking & listening
The Dream, a fantastic new podcast about multi-level marketing (aka pyramid schemes). Queerly Beloved, another excellent new podcast, about chosen family. "Vote 'Em Out" by Willie Nelson.

Wow, this week.

I endorse

DIY T-shirts with iron-on letters. A quick, easy, no-sew way to make your beliefs known to the world, because it's hard to carry a sign while also shopping for groceries or going through security check at the airport. And as long as you don't put them in the dryer, they'll last through multiple protests. 

(Tip: If you run out of a letter you need, you can almost always frankenstein a few together. Those Rs on the second t-shirt are actually Ps with little bits of Is attached to them.)

You endorse
Survived and Punished—a coalition of allies fighting to, in their words, "decriminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence." "You might remember their early work—their successful efforts to free Marissa Alexander, who was incarcerated for firing a warning shot into a wall to protect herself from her abusive former partner while he was beating her. They now have three affiliated chapters, in CA, NY, and Chicago, and they fight for both short-term change (get survivors of gender violence out of jail) and long-term change (prison abolition). I endorse them for a million reasons, but especially these two: Following their work has taught me SO MUCH about mass incarceration, on a deeper and more nuanced level than popular discussion around the issue, and I believe in their ability to succeed—their vision, strategy, and work is both aspirational and grounded. Plus they make offer a ton of resources to help you learn and get involved." -Stephanie P.

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This week, find me at some great literary events in Los Angeles:
Oct 8: In conversation with Heather Havrilesky about her new essay collection
Oct 10: In conversation with Leah Dieterich about her new memoir, Vanishing Twins

And then I'll be on tour with Call Your Girlfriend!
Oct 21San Francisco
Oct 23Portland
Oct 24Seattle
Oct 26Chicago
Oct 28Minneapolis
Oct 30Washington, DC
Nov 2Philadelphia
Nov 3Brooklyn
Nov 4Somerville, MA [sold out]

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