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Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk

This week
Here's a video of me talking about my freelance life with a roomful of Danish journalists. And on the podcast, we've got a greatest-hits episode with some of our best clips from 2016.

I'm reading
2016 is not the worst year ever. Ta-Nahisi Coates reflects on the Obama presidency, and a white woman in Idaho reflects on reading Ta-Nahisi Coates. Obama was not an economic radical, but Trump will be. All of our future president's conflicts of interest, in one place. Autocracy demands collaborators. What happened to a young woman Trump harassed on Twitter. Sexism is a gateway drug. Why we assume so little of men. The media "will eventually settle down into what these prestige journalistic outlets have always been — center-right, bourgeois takes read by lawyers on planes." Podcasting's diversity problem. How America's economic growth was once tied to the brutalization of slaves. Shopping in Cuba. The Instagram poet who wants to be the next Oprah. The present and future of artificial intelligence.

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Parents' messages to their children about growing up Muslim. Gucci Mane's Tiny Desk Concert. An English professor parses Dylan lyrics. Homeless college students share their stories. How students of color confront impostor syndrome. My friend Samhita Mukhopadhyay in conversation with the brilliant Kimberlé Crenshaw. A tutorial on upping your online security

This year is ALMOST OVER. The next one won't necessarily be better, but I do like a fresh start.

I endorse
This incredible tool that lets you listen to radio stations around the world. 

And now that you're in a global mindset, make a donation to the International Rescue Committee, which helps vulnerable people in humanitarian crises—including Aleppo. If you can't donate, the Action Now newsletter has other ways to act on behalf of Syrian civilians.

Jan 19, Portland: Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Digital Conference

Jan. 21, D.C.: I'll be in the streets at the women's march on Washington. If you're coming, too, register through Eventbrite so the organizers can get a good head count.

The Classifieds

August: seeking experienced consultants to help us build capable teams for the world's most meaningful missions. Hiring in London and NYC
Experience the real South Korea. Travel with us, eat local food. Small group tour (12 or less) led by local. Save $100; coupon code: AnnF17
Almost Millions is a personal finance site for freelancers, 1099ers, and solo entrepreneurs. Become a money ninja!

ATTN RECYCLING LOVERS: smockwalker has the recycled vintage clothing U need. On insta : @smockwalkervintage

WE DON'T HATE IT HERE. A web series about thirtysomethings who aren't trying to have it all. Just some of it. Binge it at

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