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Friday, 21 June 2019

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Kelly Tolhurst MP, the Government’s Minister for Small Business, and Keith Morgan, Chief Executive of the Government-owned British Business Bank, are holding a teleconference at 10am on Thursday to hear business owners' experiences of finding and using external finance.

This is in response to some businesses telling them that the market for finance is not working as well as it could, with many saying that they find it difficult to navigate the finance options on offer.

If you are a business owner and have questions or suggestions about accessing business finance, register for the call here.

Gimme More
I hadn't planned to write about tech regulation two weeks in a row, but I co-authored a paper on the subject that's been released today. 

In Safeguarding Progress: The Risks of Internet Regulation, Matt Lesh (Adam Smith Institute) Sam Dumitriu (The Entrepreneurs Network) and I make the case for a for a free, open internet, and for the Government to adopt these five principles for Permissionless Innovation:

  1. Identify and remove barriers to entry and innovation;
  2. Protect freedom of speech and entrepreneurship by retaining immunities for intermediaries from liability;
  3. Rely on existing legal solutions, the common law, and competitive pressures to solve problems;
  4. Push for industry self-regulation and best practices;
  5. Adopt targeted, limited legal measures for truly hard problems based on evidence.

As I say in the press release, the growing burden of tech regulation risks strengthening the market position of tech giants by raising the barriers to entry. Treating platforms as publishers would hit startups hard. Facebook and Google can afford to hire an army of moderators, but their would-be competitors will struggle. While the Copyright Directive risks stymieing creativity, funding and innovation for disruptive tech entrepreneurs. Britain's tech sector is the envy of Europe. If we are to remain a world challenger, we need to up our game and factor in the significant cost of poorly targeted regulation.

City A.M. has a short write-up of the paper. And if you're a glutton for tech policy regulation (who isn't?), check out Ryan Bourne's paper on the antitrust policy in the US.

Separately, and more broadly, we're working with Liya Palagashvili, Visiting Scholar in the Department of Political Economy at King's College London. She is undertaking pilot interviews with founders/CEOs, investors, accelerators, and others in the London startup ecosystem better understand what it is like for entrepreneurs to run their businesses in London. Email her if you want to get involved.


Our Events

Festival of Technology and Innovation
2 to 3 July 2019
5pm to 10pm
B Works Manchester

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Bringing together some of the most pioneering tech firms headquartered in the North and around the UK. With debates and discussion on the role of the North in the UK’s and Europe’s tech sector and the role of financial services in supporting it, the festival will be split across two nights on the 2nd and 3rd July, bringing the spirit of some of the most iconic music, food and industry festivals to B Works, Manchester.

Business Stay-Up – hosted by Seema Malhotra MP

2 July 2019
8.45am to 10am
House of Commons
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Business Stay-Up is a research-led campaign to raise awareness of the pressures and challenges business owners face as they seek to survive and scale, and what can be done to increase the probability of success.


Female Founders Forum – Edinburgh Roundtable
2 July 2019
12.30pm to  2.30pm
Barclays Eagle Lab, Edinburgh, Scotland
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The event will examine the leadership techniques of successful female entrepreneurs and is an opportunity to share/seek advice. Topics will include: leadership in pitching, sharing leadership, leadership in a crisis, and shaping company culture.

Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
22 July 2019
12.45pm to 2.15pm
Octopus Group, Holborn London
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This event will be an opportunity to: get the first glimpse of the results of a survey-based report we're undertaking on the entrepreneurial ambitions of young people; input into the report that will come out of the survey and your feedback; and network with other experts interested the subject.

News and Views

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Canada is leading the world in refugee resettlement – the UK can do better

Today, we worry about too many kids going to university. In 1732 they thought too many people were learning to read and write and went to London for apprenticeships. Plus ça change!

Fintech algorithms discriminate 40% less than face to face lenders

New polling on attitudes to successful individuals finds that how you treat your workers, not how much you give to charity, is key to getting a good reputation

Whether we leave with or without a deal (or not at all), EU tech and competition policy will affect us – here’s where it’s headed

EF’s Alice Bentinck talks about #MovingForward, which shines a light on sexual harassment in the VC industry

Our Female Founders Forum is recommended by Forbes

Investors can offer more than just money

Can you guess the statistical trend? (More fun than it sounds)

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Company Builder Programme
Deadline: 5 July 2019
Stipend: £12,000
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Are you passionate about transforming the quality of later life? Do you want to build an innovative, new, purpose-driven startup with the support of a network of leading experts?

Top 50 Advisers 2019
Deadline: 1 July 2019
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he Top 50 Adviser Awards recognise and celebrate top advisers, professionals, coaches and mentors working behind the scenes to ensure Britain's businesses get the best start and the right advice to grow.


London Business Roadshow
26 June 2019
9am to 5pm
Havering, London
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Business that receive support grow stronger and faster. Join Enterprise Nation for a free day event and hear from successful entrepreneurs, get one-to-one advice and visit a business support exhibition area.

Unspoken Truths: Founder Wellbeing and the New Metrics for Savvy Investors
3 July 2019
6.15pm to 8.45pm
WeWork, Wilson Street, London
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With 9 out of 10 founders struggling silently, mental wellbeing is at an unprecedented low and it's hitting startup ROI. Join weare3sixty for an interactive evening of debate & solution-building around this key challenge.

An Evening with Angel Investors
3 July 2019
6pm to 8.30pm
WeWork, Chancery Lane, London
£40 (+VAT)
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This event aims for to help you meet business angel networks in your sector, learn how to secure their money, and discover what drives business angels to invest in certain ideas over others.

Unleash Your Genius
11 July 2019
9am to 1pm
The Office Group, Holborn, London
£195 (Use WS40 for 40% off)
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In a world that is far more competitive and changing faster than ever before, the ability to innovate and create faster determines whether you are going struggle, survive or thrive. 

IoD Lancashire: How to Prepare our Children and Businesses for the Looming Skills Shortage.
17 July 2019
8.30am to 11am
Victoria Mill, Trafalgar Street, Burnley
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This event will consider the implications of a shrinking skills pool and its potential impact on future growth and stability.

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