Geothermal Update, January 7, 2015.
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Geothermal update
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Planning Commission hearing Thursday Jan. 8th: a study needed to identify health impacts to Native Hawaiians caused by geothermal development is on the agenda

Call to action, it is PGV's intent to start drilling in violation of the night drilling ban

Our County Council reps Gregor Illigan and Danny Paleka are holding meetings around the Puna district next week


  The holidays are over, the lava appears to have granted Pahoa another reprieve, and by now most of you know PGV is getting ready to try and drill another well, day and night. Showing their true colors once again in arrogant disregard for the community's opposition and our hard fought effort in passing a law that forbids exactly that.

With the new drilling and everything else that is happening, PPA has scheduled our first community meeting of the year at HAAS school Tuesday January 13th 4:00pm. If you can make it and want to help or have questions please try to come.
A Windward Planning Commission hearing on a geothermal health study for Native Hawaiians is coming up tomorrow, Thursday, January 8th. I apologize for the short notice, but we could use your help on this if you are able to come. Here is why.
PPA was shocked to learn recently that a claims adjuster the county hired to evaluate the study ruled there is no reason to do even do the study.

This seems to be a pattern with the county, they somehow excluded Hawaiians from the Adler geothermal health study group by not having a single Hawaiian in the group, Hawaiians simply were not represented at all. Now the county contractor is refusing to even look at the issue of impacts to Native Hawaiians. PPA finds that disturbing and discriminatory. How long can people refuse to even allow a study to determine if and what impacts these developments have on the Native Hawaiian population. Obviously PPA strongly disagrees with the county, we believe there is solid ground for this long overdue study. Hawaiian health issues should not be disregarded or brushed aside so easily by the county.

The hearing begins at 9:30 am Thursday, January 8th, in the Aupuni center on the Hamakua end of the County Complex in Hilo, near the DMV. The health study is 3rd on the agenda and testimony will be taken from the public.

We could use some help if you can find time to come support this study.  Mahalo

Next most of you already know PGV has said they intend to start drilling 24 hours a day by the end of this month. That is in direct conflict with the community enacted night time drilling ban. After the last 120 days of 24/7 drilling by PGV the community was so frustrated by the noise, lights, and vibrations that we went to the council where a law was passed so it could not happen again. People could not sleep for months, kids had trouble in school and adults had trouble at work because of the lack of sleep. There are health impacts as well from sleep deprivation, and the stress of constant noise.
Now PGV claims the law simply does not apply to them. PPA's position is the law was intended to include the party causing the whole problem in the first place. We are looking at possible responses to PGV's plans. The other thing we need is you ... we need help to let the county council know we want them to protect us by enforcing the law we all worked so hard to pass.

You can help in the upcoming battle over the drilling ban by doing 2 things: first please contact the county council, mayor, and corporation counsel, and tell them to enforce the law.

Let them know you want PGV to obey the law banning night time drilling. The intent of the law always included PGV, it was passed specifically because of PGV, and any attempt to evade that would certainly violate the intent of the law.
The reason the council passed the law banning night time drilling was a direct result of PGV impacts from their last drilling episode that last 120 days.
The second thing you can do is to attend one or more of the meetings sponsored by your Puna reps. 

Our County Council reps Gregor Illigan and Danny Paleka are holding meetings around Puna next week (schedule below.) Ask them their position and demand the county enforce the law against drilling at night. Why should PGV drill at night in violation of a law enacted as a direct result of PGV's own drilling practices? IMO that is selective enforcement of laws by the county against the interest of the Puna community, and our representatives should do something about. The law is the law, it is not even about geothermal so much as why do some people or companies get to break our laws without a fight from the county.

Go talk story with Council Member Danny Paleka and Greggor Illigan at one of the community meetings that they will be hosting next week. They have offered an open forum for you to bring your concerns.

Dates, places and times (and feel free to share this information with your fellow Puna neighbors):

Jan. 12    6-8 p.m.
Mountain View Elementary School
18-1235 Volcano Rd.
Mountain View, HI 96771

Jan. 13    6:15-8 p.m.
Ainaloa Community Association
Ainaloa Longhouse
16-303 Ainaloa Blvd.
Pahoa, HI 96778

Jan. 14     6-8 p.m.
Pahoa Community Center
15-2910 Puna Rd.
Pahoa, HI 96778

Jan.16    6-8 p.m.
Neighborhood Place of Puna
16-105 Opukahaia St.
Kea'au, HI 96749

Mahalo for your past support, if you are able we could use some help again.
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