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The Aftermath of the

August 7 Release into

the Neighborhood

After several months of

deliberation, the Hawaii DOH

fined PGV $23,700 for release of

hydrogen sulfide and the failure

of the monitoring system on the

night of August 7 2014. This

small fine leads to a conclusion

that DOH maintains a cozy

relationship with PGV, providing

regulation that is anemic.

Over 100 people suffered from

symptoms of moderate H2S

exposure on the night of August

7. Two people died while still

suffering from consequences of

their exposure that night, about

10 people essentially passed out,

and dozens had rashes, breathing

problems, nausea and other


Fines for cutting a few trees on

state land without permit were

about $50,000 and fines for use

of an non-permitted home for a

bed and breakfast were about

$50,000. Affecting the health of a

neighborhood comes in at


It should be noted we offered
to facilitate DOH to interview those
affected. But no effort was made

to take advantage of this offer.

Non-Covered Source

Permit (NSP)

The NSP implements standards

for monitoring and regulation

of toxic substances not directly

covered by the Clean Air Act.

The Hawaii DOH is due to issue

a replacement permit for one

that expired in December.

DOH has promised PPA a

public hearing. PPA believes

the amount of H2S PGV can

release should measured at the

source, not based on readings

of sometimes useless perimeter

monitors. Also some toxic

substances not now covered

need to be added.

Public Health Study

A request for proposals (RFP) to

do the Geothermal Public

Health Assessment Working

Group (Adler Group)

recommended health study was

issued in February.

Unfortunately the selection

process is not transparent and

does not call on the expertise

needed to make an informed

decision. PPA may not be able

to support the health study

unless these issues are


Native Hawaiian

Public Health Study


On January 8, the Windward

Planning Commission approved

funding for a health study to

evaluate psychosocial impact on

Native Hawaiians whose religious

and cultural beliefs have been

insulted by projects like

geothermal development. Study

sponsors are PPA, Ohana

Ho’opakele, Pele Defense Fund,

Sierra Club, and some


On March 5, approval was

rescinded, purportedly to correct

administrative issues. The

Planning Director promised to

work with the sponsors to get the

study on track promptly.

But since March 5 little has

apparently happened. The way

ahead has not been

communicated with any of the



Community Meeting

in Pahoa

NextEra/HECO have scheduled

a community meeting at the

High School Cafeteria for 5pm

on 13 April. Unfortunately the

format of the meeting will not

allow members of the

community to directly ask

questions of decision makers.

Sign waving to express displeasure with the format is


Upcoming Events:

April 13 (5:00pm-High School CafeteriaNextEra/HECO community meeting concerning possible merger.

Sign waving is scheduled to show displeasure with meeting format. Pre-meeting in high school parking lot to prepare and distribute

signs. See info below.

April 14 (8:30am-Hilo Judiciary BuildingHearing by Judge Nakamura concerning dismissal of PPA motion to determine if the nighttime drilling ban applies to PGV well KS-16. See below

The Nighttime Drilling Ban

PGV with County concurrence has decided that the 2012 nighttime drilling ban does not apply to their drilling of new well, KS-16. Drilling has been in progress since early February.

On February 17th PPA along with concerned residents filed suit asking for a ruling on whether the drilling ban applies to PGV. PGV and the County immediately filed a motion with the courts to dismiss the PPA action. A hearing on the motion to dismiss the PPA action will occur at 8:30 am on April 14 in front of Judge Nakamura.

If the PPA action is not dismissed, a ruling on whether the law applies to PGV’s current drilling of KS-16 will be scheduled for a later date. PPA believes that the case for both hearings is solid and will pursue the issue, including possible appeal, if necessary

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