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Volume 8                                         April 2014                                          

Teacher Appreciation Week


Teachers Rock! As we all know, there are times when being an educator can be a thankless job. Just know that we appreciate all that you do for students and each other!!! This year has held many challenges including continuing our transition to the Common Core State Standards, piloting the Smarter Balanced tests and Chromebooks, and learning about the new LCFF and LCAP in order to write your site plans. Not to mention the lesson plans, professional development, extra curricular and adjunct duties that you participated in. There are so many things that you do on a daily basis to enhance the education of our students. The quality of instruction and your commitment to providing the best possible education for our students is what makes Elk Grove Educators stand out!  That is why we want to take time during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 12-16, 2014) to acknowledge what you do and encourage you to acknowledge each other.

Take a moment to thank a teacher you work with, a teacher you had growing up, or another educator who is making a difference. You can click HERE to find a printable template to share. Write in their name, take a pic, and share (sample below).  You can post it to our Facebook page, e-mail it (, or send it directly to the person. Use can also use #egeathankateacher in a status update to share the pic with us.  

Educator appreciation is for everyone. We have all learned from someone who has had a role in educating us, whether it be as a child or an adult. Here is a short list of ways we can acknowledge each other, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week, but throughout the year.

  1. Write a thank you note/post-it and leave it on their desk
  2. E-mail the teacher and CC their assigned admin thanking them for something they have done
  3. Bring a flower from your garden
  4. Freshly baked cookies or some other delicious treat
  5. Give them a "shout out" at a department, curriculum, or staff meeting
  6. Post your appreciation of something they have done for you and tag them on Facebook
  7. Just say "Thank You!"
We challenge you to appreciate at least one educator for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week! Go for it!


Thanks to all of the members who submitted questions and expressed an interest in learning more about EGBERT. This month we feature some Frequently Asked Questions about the EGBERT Benefit that EGUSD employees pay in to. If we didn't get to your question, please feel free to contact us. Contact info is included in question #6 below.
  1.  What is EGBERT (Elk Grove Benefit Employee Retirement Trust)? EGBERT is a joint labor management trust set up to provide medical, dental and vision coverage for retired employees of the Elk Grove Unified School District. The amount of coverage depends on the resources available to the trust. Currently the benefit provides medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  2. Who is eligible? Any employee who was hired prior to July 1, 2006 and has been employed in a benefit eligible position with EGUSD for 10 years or 120 months may receive a benefit upon retirement from the District. In addition, any employee who was hired on or after July 1, 2006 and has been employed in a benefit eligible position for 15 years or 180 months may receive a benefit upon retirement from the EGUSD. One other important requirement for all qualified employees is that they must start their STRS/PERS retirement payments effective the day after their last day of employment with the EGUSD.
  3. What is a benefit eligible position? If a person has a job with the District is offered benefits along with their salary and have monthly contributions to EGBERT from their paycheck they are employed in a benefit eligible position.
  4. Could an employee leave the District and still receive the benefit? The years of benefit eligible service do not have to be consecutive; BUT if an employee leaves and returns outside of the 39 month rehire period, even if they have already completed the 10 or 15 year service requirement, they must again meet the entire eligibility requirements in place at the time of reemployment for benefit eligibility. The years of service from before the 39 month rehire period will not be counted. 
  5. Is there a retiree cost? Yes. All retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare (typically under age 65) must pay a monthly retiree contribution. The current rate is $105 for a retiree or $210 for a retiree and a dependent. In addition, the retiree may also pay a portion of the monthly insurance premium depending on the plan they are enrolled in. If an employee wants family coverage they would pay the $210 plus the monthly premium cost for family coverage. Family coverage is quite expensive and retirees should look into other avenues of coverage such as Covered California.
  6. Where can I find more information on The EGBERT?  Please visit the EGBERT web site for more information. The web address is Click on Governing Documents and look under the Summary Plan Description area where you can find a section on commonly asked questions. You can also email or call the EGBERT office at or 916-684-7120. Office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 9am to 2pm. 
Special thanks to Charlie Chatten, EGEA Consultant for Finance and Health, for educating us about EGBERT!

ELA/ELD Adoption Reviewer Panel 

The California Department of Education is seeking candidates to help in reviewing curriculum for adoption that is aligned with the CCSS. This is a great opportunity to have a voice in the curriculum that is adopted statewide. If you are interested and would like more information or want to apply, please use this LINK.

Wellness Rebate


The final deadline, May 15th, 2014, is fast approaching for the EGUSD Wellness Rebate.  Click HERE to visit the website for the forms and frequently asked questions.
EGUSD Health Care
Open Enrollment
The 2014-2015 Open Enrollment has started and will continue until May 16th, 2014. The health care provider choices will not change. Kaiser will continue to be the low cost plan. Remember that if you are choosing to waive your medical benefits, you must complete the form EACH YEAR. Employees can pick up the form in Payroll or at one of the Open Enrollment Events.
Open Enrollment Events at the EGUSD Boardroom

~April 30th (3-5:30 PM)
~May 5th (7-10 AM)
~May 15th (3-5:30 PM)
Health & Wellness

If you are short on time rushing around town or to-and-from work, podcasts might be the thing for you! Listening to podcasts in your car might help you carve out some time in your busy day to focus on your health. Here is a short list of some free podcasts that may be helpful to you in your wellness journey.
*iTunes TED Talks-Health
*Kaiser-Topics range from headaches and heart health to stress and relaxation  (iTunes Versions HERE)
*Nutrition Diva

Collective Bargaining Contract

Have a question about the contract?  Refer directly to the EGEA/EGUSD Collective Bargaining Contract HERE. Or give us a call at 916-685-4588, we are happy to help. 

Rep Council Info & Notes

You don't have to be a Rep to access information regarding Rep Council. Use the links below to learn more.

~Meeting Schedule
~List of Site Reps
~Agendas and Minutes (Minutes are posted after they become official by a vote at the following Rep Council meeting.)

The Union Code of Conduct

Click the picture for a printable copy.
Find my Site Rep
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