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Volume 18                                               May 2015                                         

Responses & Grievances

By Ken Poppers
EGEA Director for Grievances
Teacher at Rutter Middle School

Oftentimes, teachers contact me after they have been issued an evaluation they do not agree with. Should this happen to you, here are steps you are entitled to take in response.

According to our Collective Bargaining Contract, section 13.5, we can only file a grievance when proper procedures are not followed. Section 13.3 covers the procedures that must be followed. I encourage all EGEA members to become familiar with this section. I have summarized the main points below.
  1. More than one administrator may be involved, but only one is charged with writing the evaluation.
  2. The evaluation must be presented to you no later than 30 days before the end of your school year.
  3. You have the right to participate in the setting of the specific objectives and achievement in which you will be assessed.
  4. The evaluator must meet with you, at your request, concerning the outcome of the educational setting to be assessed.
  5. Any unsatisfactory performance issues must have specific recommendations for means of improvement. The evaluator must assist you in the identified areas that require improvement. If you are placed on a work plan, your administration must assist you in achieving the goals.
  6. The evaluations must follow standard procedures throughout the district.
  7. If you are on the biennial evaluation cycle, you and your supervising administrator will each choose one CSTP for your evaluation. If your evaluator determines that an additional CSTP should be included, you must be notified prior to Winter Break. 
  8. If you are on the five year evaluation cycle, up to all six CSTPs may be evaluated. 
  9. If you evaluator has concerns, there is a box that he/she may check that states, "...Evaluation in all six standards may be required next year." This box does not commit the evaluator to perform another evaluation, nor to use all six standards.
For more information, please refer to section 13.3 of the Collective Bargaining Contract, which you can access HERE.

The Evaluation Handbook is also available in Public Folders: Human Resources: Forms-Certificated, posted by Kathleen Flint, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Grewal. 

Evaluations: FAQs

Do I have to sign an evaluation that I do not agree with?  Yes, your signature is an acknowledgement of receipt, not agreement with the content that in included in the evaluation.

Can I have a union representative at my evaluation conference? No, not during the initial meeting. However, you may have a rep present at a second, follow-up conference. 

Can I write a rebuttal to my evaluation? If you disagree with the content, or findings, of your evaluation, you are entitled to attach a response. Your rebuttal will be attached and submitted with your evaluation. 

How long do I have to write a rebuttal? You have 15 working days from the time your evaluation is presented to you to submit your rebuttal.

Do I have a right to view my employee file? Yes, to do so, you can contact Human Resources for an appointment.

EGEA President Elect 

Kathleen Tijan

Kathleen Tijan of Toby Johnson Middle School has been elected to the position of EGEA President. Kathleen, as well as the other newly elected EGEA positions, will take office starting July 1st. Kathleen has vast experience as part of EGEA leadership. She has served as Vice President the last 5 years, however, she also has experience on the Executive Board, Elections Committee, a CTA State Council Rep and Committee Chair, a Site Rep, and on the Peer Assistance and Review Panel (PAR). Kathleen has had teaching experience at both Elementary and Secondary schools in the EGUSD, first at Sierra Enterprise, and now at Toby Johnson Middle School. 

Summer Professional Development

This summer, Curriculum and Professional Learning has a wide variety of professional development opportunities that you may be interested in. Courses range from technology (Google classes and digital education) to ELD and subject specific sessions. This is a great chance to improve your teaching strategies as well as move up on the salary schedule. Some courses now offer a stipend in lieu of professional development hours. Refer to the details provided in the ERO for individual course offering and information.

Click HERE to go right to the Electronic Registrar Online (ERO), then enter your EGUSD e-mail as your ID and your Outlook password. Look under Course Catalog, where you can view a calendar or refine your choices with a search.

CTA Well Baby Program

Seeking early and regular prenatal care is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Whether you are expecting your first baby or are an experienced mother, each pregnancy is unique. To maximize your benefits under this FREE program, we encourage you, your spouse/domestic partner, or surrogate to enroll within the first trimester. This program offers the following resources to help guide you through your pregnancy:
  • Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy
  • Ask Mayo Clinic, a 24-hour telephonic resource staffed by registered nurses
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book and Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby's First Year book
  • A Growth Chart and Pregnancy Calculator
To learn more about the CTA Well-Baby Program, click HERE or call the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching for Pregnancy at 800-906-1064 to enroll.
"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."

Summer Office Closure

The EGEA Office will be closed from June 29th - July 8th, 2015
Have a wonderful and relaxing break!  See you in the fall!

EGEA Committees

EGEA's committees are looking for new members and we need your help! Committees with openings include: Membership, Communications/Media, Elections, Bargaining, and the PAC (Political Action Committee). No experience needed for most committees. Please contact Emily Lints @ Sheldon or if you are interested. If you know someone who would be a good addition to our team, encourage them to contact us or let us know and we will personally invite them to join us.

EGEA/CTA Election Results

Following are the results of the EGEA Executive Board Election:

~President: Kathleen Tijan (Toby Johnson Middle School)

~Vice-President: Rick Stancil (Florin High School)

~Pre K-3 Member: Maria Crisologo-Lum (Kennedy Elementary)

~4-6 Member: Shelly Gupton (Prairie Elementary School)

~9-12 Member: Troy Morgan (Monterey Trail High School)

~Special Education Member: Judith Sarti (Florin High School) Following are the

CTA State Council Representative Election results: 

~Seat 1: Shelly Gupton

~Seat 2: Run-off election between Terri Brunswick-Washington and Lee Ramaley (CTA requires a majority vote, which none of the parties running for Seat 2 received in the initial vote.) Thank you to everyone who participated!!!

The Union Code of Conduct

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