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 Volume 13                                    December 2014                                         

Collaboration Continues with New EGUSD Superintendent Chris Hoffman

Last week, on December 1st, EGEA Site Representatives and Leaders met with EGUSD Administrators and Site Principals to continue the collaboration efforts that were started in November of 2013. Previous meetings focused on building site and district collaboration through the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and designing site Local Control Accountability Plans. The December session was devoted to collaborative conversations regarding the topic of assessment. Participants discussed getting to the reasons "Why we assess" to ground future discussions addressing the conditions that need to be in place as we look at "How we assess". This is just the beginning of a conversation that we will all have throughout the coming years as we explore "What" a comprehensive assessment system should look like. This is a time for each of us to engage in thoughtful dialogue involving all aspects of student and district programs. 

Evaluation Deadlines

During an evaluation year (for those on the two-year evaluation cycle), Certificated staff may be evaluated on two of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs). If however, an administrator has a specific concern, an additional (third) CSTP can be added to the evaluation as long as the evaluator notifies the certificated staff member (evaluatee) prior to the winter break. This year certificated staff on the two year cycle with the alpha L-Z are subject to evaluation. See below for relevant contract language.

"13.404 If the evaluator determines there is an additional issue that in his or her sole judgment requires an additional CSTP to be evaluated, the evaluator upon notice to the evaluatee may add one additional CSTP. Such notice shall either be in writing or via email to the evaluatee’s district email address delivered prior to the close of business on the last school day before Winter Break for that site or program, regardless of the track or work calendar of the evaluatee. In this case, each of the three CSTP’s may then contain evaluative comments, and the summary evaluation shall then be based upon the three selected CSTP’s."

EGEA Welcomes New Superintendent

EGEA recently hosted a Welcome Reception for our new EGUSD Superintendent Chis Hoffman. EGEA Leaders, including staff, site reps, and Exec Board, had an opportunity to meet and welcome him back into the district. Chris spent many years in the EGUSD as a student, teacher, and administrator. Former teachers and students, of the new Superintendent, attended the reception providing memories from the past. Thanks to the Rutter Library for providing Mr. Hoffman's junior high class photo!!!

Special thanks to the Cosumnes Oaks Culinary Academy for providing catering (supervised by teacher Kerri Hock), the Sheldon High School Jazz Band (supervised by James Mazzaferro), and Sheldon's ROP/CTE Art Students (supervised by Debbie George) for providing the Welcome Banner.


(Mr. Hoffman pictured with EGEA Exec Board and Staff)

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Educate yourself about YOUR retirement

CalSTRS has a series of short videos that help you learn about retirement. Many teachers postpone thinking about retirement as it may seem far away. However, decisions made now WILL affect your retirement. Find educational videos HERE from CalSTRS to help you learn more about this important benefit.

"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."
Happy Holidays to everyone. Have a safe and restful holiday break.

The EGEA Office will be closed from December 22, 2014- January 2, 2015. 

Take a break!!!



As you are probably already experiencing, December can be a crazy month. Be sure to take time for yourself this holiday season. Visit THIS link to find tips on keeping the mind/body connection in balance.

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