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Volume 2                                              October 2013


Adults can be bullied too!

This month we take a look at the issue of educators being bullied. Many of us combat this issue in our classrooms but don't think about how it may affect us when we are the target of bullying.  You might find yourself feeling intimidated or singled-out by an administrator, but sometimes our colleagues or other educators may be at fault. Bullying by parents is also on the rise and on rare occasions by students. How can you handle this situation? What are the guidelines for those of us in education?

The bullying of teachers is a growing problem and if you have experienced it, you are not alone.  According to the American Psychological Association 2011 study "Understanding and Preventing Violence Directed Against Teachers reported 80% of about 3,000 K-12 teachers surveyed felt victimized by students, students’ parents or colleagues in the past year." (Link to the article: When teachers are the bully's target)

So what can I do?
(Some items below are from the CTA Educator and articles referenced below.)

  • Confront the bully in a respectful manner. Ask that the offending behavior stop.
  • Your administration is there to help. Report incidents with students and/or parents and document in SISWEB if appropriate.
  • Remember the Union Code of Conduct: If a co-worker is being criticized or gossiped about in your presence, ask that it stop.
  • Do not participate in any conversation with an administrator that criticizes or negatively speculates about a union colleague. If you have issues with a colleague, try to work it out with that individual before complaining to higher-ups.
  • If a colleague is a target, be a friend. Make time to listen. Don’t judge or discount. Educate yourself about bullying. Knowledge is power. 
  • If the bully is an administrator, think about seeking help from your EGEA Site Representative or consider filing a complaint with the Human Resources Compliance Officer. EGEA can assist you with this process.

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October Spotlight    

Tod Newkom

This month EGEA brings you the At-Large Representative on the Executive Board, Tod Newkom. Tod has taught in the district for 17 years and is currently the computer resource teacher at John Ehrhardt Elementary.  In his position as the At-Large Rep, Tod represents a wide variety of educators including computer resource teachers, counselors, instructional coaches, library media teachers, nurses, and other certificated members not categorized within the other Executive Board roles.
In addition to being on the Exec Board, Tod has been a member of the EGEA Action Team and currently is a member of the Communications/Media Committee.  Committees are an integral part of EGEA.  Current EGEA committees include: Elections, Community Outreach, and Communications/Media. Many members have participated in these and other committees over the years. If you are interested in joining any of the committees (especially Elections Committee), please feel free to request a committee application from EGEA. (Click HERE to e-mail Dayna and please remember to include your name and site in your e-mail). 

Click HERE to read the interview with Tod.

Evaluation FAQs:

EGEA often gets questions about the evaluation process and\or deadlines. Here are some frequently asked questions that come up.
  • Question:  How do I know if I am being evaluated? Answer: During your goals conference you should have been notified if it is your year to be evaluated.  You would have filled out the Standards for Evaluation form with your administrator.  If you are on a 2 year evaluation cycle the alpha breakdown for this year is A-K and next year will be L-Z. If you are on a 5 year evaluation cycle you will be evaluated on the fifth year and may be evaluated on all six CSTPs.
  • Question: My administrator wants to add an additional CSTP to evaluate me, can they do this? Answer: Yes, If your administrator has concerns they may choose to add a third CSTP on which to evaluate you. However you must be notified in writing or by district mail before your winter break.  
  • Question: When should I get my evaluation? Answer: You should receive your evaluation at minimum 30 days prior to the last day of student attendance at your site.
  • If you have other questions not answered here, try checking the Certificated Evaluation Handbook.  You can locate it in Public Folders under Human Resources.
"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."
Thanks to all who helped out at the EGEA booth at the Giant Pumpkin Festival. Pictured above are just some of our fabulous volunteers. A great time was had by all!
The EGEA/EGUSD Tentative Agreement voting window will be October 22nd-30th. Click HERE to find the voting link and directions on the left hand side of the EGEA home page.
If you are attempting to order technology through that you would like to have connected to the district server or internet, ask Tech Services if this is possible BEFORE you post your project. You can do this by opening a heat ticket. This helps to ensure that all the products will work together and that the technology that you are using in your classroom can be supported.

Tod Newkom
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