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Volume 17                                               April 2015                                         


Health Care

Open Enrollment

This year the Health Care Open Enrollment window will be from April 22, 2015 to May 22, 2015. During this time employees can make changes to medical benefits, sign up for the benefits waiver, or enroll in a Flexible Spending Account. If you are not making any changes at this time to your medical benefits, no action is required. The Benefits Waiver and the Flex Spending Accounts paperwork must be completed during every Open Enrollment.

In order to allow the district to align Health Benefits coverage with the Affordable Healthcare Act, the district is changing its plan year to align with the calendar year (January-December). There will be a short six month plan (July - December 2015) to bridge us to the new calendar year cycle. As a result there will be a second Open Enrollment in the Fall of 2015, which will be effective for the calendar year of 2016. Despite this new Open Enrollment, costs and carriers will remain the same during the entire 18 month window.

Medical Benefits
The choice of providers will will be the same as last year, Kaiser Permanente (the low cost plan) and Western Health Advantage (the buy up plan). Details regarding the plan costs have already been mailed to your home. The letter can also be accessed HERE. Plan costs, forms, and representatives from each of the health care plans will be available at the Open Enrollment meetings. For a side-by-side comparison of the two health plans, click HERE.

Waiving Benefits
In order to waive your medical benefits, paperwork must be completed at each Open Enrollment. You can complete this form at any of the Open Enrollment meetings or at the Payroll Office. If you are currently on a waiver for your medical benefits, you still MUST complete a new form.

Flexible Spending Accounts - Section 125 Plans
Flexible spending accounts allow you to direct deposit a part of your pay, on a pre-tax basis, into special accounts that can be used throughout the year to reimburse yourself for certain out-of-pocket medical expenses and/or dependent day care expenses. Because your money goes into your reimbursement accounts before federal and state income taxes are withheld, you pay less in taxes, and ultimately have more disposable income.

This plan is opt-in during each Open Enrollment period. See HERE to learn more about these flexible spending accounts including what the money may be used for, filing claims, and FAQs.

Once enrolled, employees will contribute to their account via monthly payroll deductions. If you enroll in the medical reimbursement plan, you will be issued a debit card loaded with the money that you have set aside. This card can be used to make many of the eligible purchases. In the Dependent Day Care plan, you will submit receipts in order to be reimbursed. Reimbursement is easy. There are a variety of methods for reimbursement. Click HERE to learn more about reimbursement as well as the mobile apps.
  • Direct LINK to a list of eligible medical expenses
  • Direct LINK to eligible Dependent Day Care expenses
Before enrolling, estimating the total amount of money to set aside is critical. Any money set aside in this account that goes unused by the end of the designated period will be lost. This money is "use it or lose it." Therefore, it may be prudent to be conservative when calculating the total you plan to spend during this period of time. Remember to make an estimate based on potential expenses from July to December. At the Fall Open Enrollment, estimates should be based on a full year's expenditures.

Wellness Rebate
2014-2015 (12 month rebate)
If you have not yet completed your Wellness Rebate for the 2014-2015 school year, paperwork must be submitted to Payroll by May 15th, 2015. The rebate for a single is $329.51, for a two-party subscriber it's $659.03, and a family $932.54. Click HERE for more information regarding the EGUSD Wellness Rebate. 

July 2015-December 2016 (18 month rebate)
For the July 1, 2015-December 31, 2016 window, the rebate will be based on 18 months of contributions. Therefore, this rebate will be higher than previous amounts. Future rebates will revert to the 12 month cycle.

Employees will only need to go through the Wellness Rebate process once during this 18 month window. 

Open Enrollment Meetings will take place at the District Office Board Room at the following times:
  • April 27th, 3-5:50 pm
  • April 30th, 7-10 am
  • May 6th, 7-10 am
  • May11th, 3-5:30 pm
  • May 18th, 8:30-12 noon (This meeting will be held in the Staff Room in the Transportation Department at 8421 Gerber Road, Sacramento.)

Technology Program Review
By Rick Stancil
Florin High School is a useful tool that teachers can use to help in their assessment of students. The online program allows teachers to use their document camera to assess students in a more efficient way. The free account can be activated with any e-mail account. Once signed up, teachers can easily create various printable scantron templates for quizzes or other small assessments. The teacher can import class rosters into the program, create a "bubble sheet" with the easy to use generator, and go! As students complete their assessments, the classroom document camera is used to scan the student's work with immediate results. In essence, its an "optical scan" that immediately uploads scores into the program. Options for use can vary from one classroom to the next. Some teachers collect the answer sheets and scan them, while others allow students to walk up to the camera and score their own paper for instant feedback. Scores can be seen on the computer and there is an option for students to push the spacebar to hide their score from the next peer scanner. 

GradeCam has many many useful features including item analysis by class and a summary of data. In addition, charts that enable teachers to make sense of the class scores are also available. Teachers can view or print an assignment report for anyone who has taken the assessment, for a class, or even a single student.

GradeCam is a functional, easy to use tool in the classroom that can make assessment more manageable for teachers, as well as yield important information that is meaningful to students. Sites may also choose to enroll in a paid version which has enhanced features that can allow sharing data amongst colleagues or even directly load assessment scores into programs like SchoolLoop with the touch of a button.
"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."

EGEA is starting a Membership Care Committee

EGEA is starting a membership committee to increase connections with and services to our members. We are looking for positive and caring people who can welcome new members, help with membership rosters, plan member events, and provide information regarding member benefits. No experience needed! Please contact if you are interested.

Educator Appreciation Week

May 4-8, 2015

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, has been designated by the National Education Association as Educator Appreciation Day! Take time to appreciate someone this week. Tag someone to thank them using this hashtag #ThankATeacher.

Family status change recently? 

You may have Disability and Life Insurance enrollment opportunities with The Standard.

If you have had a recent Family Status Change, or will have one in the near future, you may be able to add Disability Insurance and/or increase Life Insurance coverage from The Standard - without proof of good heath. Under the Family Status Change enrollment opportunity, CTA members are able to apply for: 
  • Up to $200,000 of Life Insurance for the Member
  • Up to $17,500 of Dependents Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance for the Member
This enrollment opportunity is available for 31 days following the qualifying event. These include marriage/domestic partnership, divorce, or legal separation; birth or adoption; loss of spousal employment and other qualifying events. For more information about this enrollment opportunity, or to file a claim, visit The Standard's website HERE.

For costs and further details of the coverage, including exclusions, benefit waiting periods and any reductions or limitations and the terms under which the policy may be continued in force, please contact The Standard's dedicated CTA Customer Service Department at 800-522-0406.

Calling Summer Travelers

Are you traveling for the summer? Going to a foreign country to learn a new language? Visiting a historical venue? Learning Geography or climbing a mountain? We would love to hear about educational destinations and experiences you enjoyed during your break. If you are planning a trip with an educational component, please feel free to share a memory or recommend something you think others might benefit from.

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