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Volume 3                                         November 2013                                             

Your Digital Footprint

We all use caution when thinking about how actions or words might affect our personal and professional reputations. But do we use as much caution as we should online? According to the EGUSD Digital Citizenship Blog, "A digital footprint is all of the information online about a person either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally."  It is important as educators that we consider our digital footprints, which requires monitoring and diligence on your part. 

The content and tone of online interactions must be above reproach. We should not post about students, parents, or our schools in a manner that could draw criticism. This has been a challenge since the onset of social media. Recently, teachers around the country that have found themselves in hot water over social networking interactions. NEA took on this issue in an article titled "Social Networking Nightmares". While the first few cases in the article seem extreme, keep reading. We all know people who post a comment that seems innocuous, but in fact, it may come back to haunt them. Though teachers with permanent status have more protections than probationary teachers, you must still be careful. Remember that probationary teachers can be non-reelected and a cause is not required. See our Social Networking Handout for some suggested guidelines (see column to the right). 

Teachers do have First Amendment rights of free speech. However, this right has been tested in cases that disrupt the learning environment or breach confidentiality. Therefore, it is important for us to be responsible for our online actions. Remember, nothing online is truly private!

As an added resource check out the EGUSD Digital Citizenship Blog. While the intended audience is students, it is still a great resource for educators as well.

November Spotlight

Jennifer Essex &
Matt Petrinovich

The Elections Committee provides an essential function for EGEA members.  It isn’t a flashy job, but it’s a necessary one.  Despite an online voting system, some members choose to vote using a paper ballot, each of which must be verified against member rolls and hand counted all while ensuring the confidentiality of voting is maintained.
As the Co-chairs for the EGEA Elections Committee, Jennifer and Matt have a big job.  While elections occur infrequently, when they do happen, they require hours of work to prepare and then more hours to get all the votes properly counted.  EGEA members vote on everything from tentative agreements, the EGUSD calendar, and EGEA, CTA and NEA Representatives.  If you are willing to volunteer a bit of time to help in the future with Elections Committee, please let us know.  We need you!
Jennifer Essex is a first grade teacher at Morse Elementary School and Matt Petrinovich is a sixth grade teacher at Tsukamoto Elementary. In addition to their leadership on the Elections Committee both Jennifer and Matt serve as EGEA Site Reps on their respective campuses.

Click HERE to read a short interview with Jennifer & Matt about EGEA Elections.

Benefits of being a member:

CTA and NEA offer a wide variety of member benefits, everything from discounts on travel to complimentary life insurance. Below are a few highlighted benefits that you might like to check out.

CTA Member Benefits NEA Member Benefits
To find out more and get links to other member benefits, check out the EGEA Member Benefits page.
"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."
Social Media Guidelines for Educators

Additional Sources: 
An EGEA "Thank You"

Here at EGEA we know that you ALL make important contributions at your school sites every day, but in a small effort to recognize the work that you do, we introduce our "Thank You Corner." Empowering Excellence in Education is our motto, and we know it's not just words, it's our members that embody that excellence!

Please feel free to let us know if there is someone in your neck of the woods that could use or deserves a "Thank You".  We know we can't get to everyone, but we will include as many people we can in our newsletters.  If we can't recognize them in our newsletter, we may feature them on our Facebook page, send them an e-mail or something equally as fantastic! ;) Hopefully this will help us recognize our peers for things that often go unrecognized.  Click HERE to submit a member for a "Thank You".

*Victoria Cody and Sue Sanchez at Pleasant Grove Elementary: "Thanks so much for your years of service to our students and for the years you both served as EGEA Reps to keep your site informed!" ~Victoria Olsen
*Rod DeLuca at Laguna Creek Hight School: "Rod works tirelessly for his students and the International Baccalaureate Program." ~Bridget Whitted
*Ron Eggert at Calvine High School: "Ron does a lot of extra activities with students (such as blood drives, coats for kids and can food drives)." ~Jim Yocum
Jennifer Essex
Matt Petrinovich
Follow Up: Bullying

Last month The Professional brought you an article and resources regarding the issue of teachers being bullied. Thanks to EGEA Member Shari Damkier for this follow up resource.

"Research has found that as many as a quarter of American employees will experience some form of bullying at work." To read more in the article Adult Bullying click HERE.)

The Union Code of Conduct

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