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Volume 7                                         March 2014                                          

What is EGBERT? 

This month The Professional brings you information on the Elk Grove Benefit Employee Retirement Trust (EGBERT). EGBERT is a tremendous benefit for EGUSD employees that many people may not know much about. Because EGBERT applies to us in retirement (which may feel far away), it may be tempting to ignore such issues, but they are critical and will affect us all. So over the next two months we will cover the history, issues, and common questions about this benefit.

The EGBERT fund has accumulated monies which will be used to pay for Elk Grove Unified School District retirees’ health benefits. The monies are placed into a joint labor management trust where they are invested until such time as they are needed to pay for retiree health premiums. The amount of premiums paid on behalf of all the retirees depends upon the amount of funds available to the EGBERT Board to allocate for premium costs. 

Why Do We Have EGBERT?
During the 1994-95 school year, the EGUSD and the its bargaining units opened discussions regarding retiree health costs. At the time, the District used a “pay as you go system” to cover the entire costs of retiree health premiums. This means the District paid for these benefits during the year they were incurred. There was no long-term financial plan in place to cover these costs other than the yearly income the District received from their state, federal, and local funding sources.   

There were approximately 34,000 students enrolled in the EGUSD at that time, and the District was paying about $850,000 a year in retiree health costs. Growth projections called for large increases in the number of students in the system which would mean more teachers and more long-term retiree health premiums. District bargaining representatives were worried that long-term retiree health costs were not sustainable, and that a better plan needed to be developed in order to maintain these valuable benefits for the retirees and to be used as a recruiting tool for new teachers. All the various bargaining units were in full agreement with the District, and the joint labor management trust known as EGBERT was created and subsequently implemented on July 1, 1995. In 1995, there were about 400 EGUSD retirees covered with the “pay as you go” model. As of December 2013, there were around 1,650 EGUSD retirees. Student enrollment has now grown to nearly 63,000. Remember that $850,000 yearly benefits expense the District incurred? It would have grown to an expense of approximately $13,000,000 per year. With this kind of yearly expense, there would be tremendous pressure to greatly reduce or eliminate retiree health benefits. This is why EGBERT exists and continues to be an investment worthy of everyone's attention.

Feel free to submit any questions you have about EGBERT to  We will include as many of your questions as we can in our next issue.

March Spotlight

Shelly Gupton

This month we get to know EGEA’s 4-6 Executive Board Representative Shelly Gupton.  Shelly has been a long time Site Representative for Prairie Elementary School and a CTA State Council Representative.  She joined the EGEA Exec Board in June of 2013.  Shelly currently teaches 6th grade, but has taught other grades over her 15 years in EGUSD.  Learn more about Shelly’s work at CTA as well as her work on the EGEA Exec Board by clicking this LINK.

Congrats to
EGEA Member

Ann Hennessey


Ann Hennessey, from Franklin High School, received the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom's 2013 Literacy for Life Award, sponsored by the Oreggia Family Foundation. She was also named CFAITC's Outstanding Educator for the 2013-14 school year, based on her work with schools and agriculture in Riverside and Sacramento counties.

In addition to the award, Franklin High School received $1,500 to renovate the old garden-greenhouse site on campus. Franklin students and staff have refurbished the area so that it can be used as an outdoor classroom for a variety of classes. California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom promotes agricultural literacy in our schools.


If you are interested in learning more about 

Agricultural Literacy, find lesson plans, resources, and conference information for all grade levels on the foundation's website:

Stick to the Approved Video Policy!

Showing videos during your lesson can enhance learning, but you must use caution. Protect yourself by only showing videos from the approved list or with the appropriatemovie rating. Adding specific movies and including the video policy in your syllabus are also good ideas. See your site administrator for help with the policy wording or to see if your site has a pre-prepared statement you can use. The deadline has passed this year for video approval, but if there is a video you would like to use in your classroom you can find the video approval form in public folders under "district forms" -> "curriculum". 

EGUSD Walk & Run Club

Lots of people have been showing up for the EGUSD Walk/Run club. You can join at any time, just bring the registration packet with you (which you can download at the link below.) Research shows that making the commitment with a buddy improves both of your results. Encourage co-workers (or anyone, all are welcome) to join you in your quest for health and fitness! 
More Info:  Walk & Run Club Link
"The Educators of the Elk Grove Unified School District."


Have you taken the EGUSD Local Control Accountability Survey? If not, please take a few minutes to do it now. This survey is critical to determining the needs of our students. Please take the survey by May1st.

Student Injuries at School

It is essential to use caution when dealing with injuries where blood is involved. Be sure that you have a first aid kit in your classroom that includes gloves. Put them on when dealing with the injury. Be sure to follow up with the appropriate on site staff for classroom clean up as special cleansers are required to clean bodily fluids.

Health & Wellness

As part of our commitment to wellness, this month we are thinking about nutrition, in particular portion sizes. Kaiser has a section of their website devoted to eating healthier, which you can check out HERE.

Not sure what the portion size is for that tortilla? The pasta you had for lunch? What amount of meat you should be eating? Check out THIS PAGE for easy to remember portion tips.
Bargaining Survey Results

The results of the EGEA Bargaining Survey are posted on our website.  Click HERE to see the survey and results.
The Invisible Achievement Gap

Foster Youth Students

"The research shows that students in foster care... had the highest dropout rate and lowest graduation rate."

Foster care students will be one of the groups targeted for additional funding as part of the LCAP. This survey highlights the needs of these students.

Read more about this issue and find the full report using this LINK.  

The Union Code of Conduct

Click the picture for a printable copy.
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