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June Newsletter

Hi  <<First Name>>

A note from Tracy

WINTER has well and truly arrived.  This is a wonderful time to kick start those diet and exercise plans in time to meet spring, just 12 weeks to go.  Winter is a great time to prepare your skin for the Summer while the sun is not so harsh and we have a little more time to focus on ourselves, it really is so important to look after our skin and overall health.  I have a wonderful “peeling” special and some information on peeling for you. 

We are VERY excited to have a NEW Tattoo removal machine  arriving soon, using a the very latest YAG Laser the light can be intensively absorbed by haemoglobin and is applied to remove tattoos of all colour, it is also very successful in remedying fresh red marks like stretch marks, vascular expansions and blood vessel lesions. Its shallow penetration lends itself to the treatment of birthmarks, café-au-lait marks, freckles, old age spots and various other pigmentation.  Amazingly this form of pigmentation removal, does not compromise the surrounding skin, it is only targeted at the spots themselves, no gel used and much more successful, less pain, less downtime, safer on darker skins – WIN WIN.
A BIG THANK YOU to Academy Signs, they do all of our signage and they have just done a stunning job of my car.

Try to enjoy this lovely winter time, so many wonderful aspects to winter, we just need to remind ourselves.

Tracy x

Exfoliation / Peeling of Our Skin

There is a serious and widespread misconception about the value of exfoliation. Most people believe the surface of the skin is composed of dead, useless cells that make the skin look dull, prevent skin from “breathing” and can clog up pores.  In reality these “dead” cells are the mature functioning cells of the skin. They are there for a special purpose.  There is no doubt the falling dead skin cells do mix with sebum and can create plugs in the follicles that can then cause comedones and acne.

Clients with photo-ageing will notice that the outer layers of the skin can become excessively thickened and the skin will take on a dry, rough texture.  This is obviously an unhealthy state of affairs and to treat this problem we need to first of all, stop the abuse from sunlight and secondly work on exfoliation of the top layers of the skin. Thickened skins may have initially have an adverse reaction and poor penetration of products containing Vitamin A and anti- oxidants, so always start on a low dose and work up the levels. 

Once initial exfoliation has been done, then it should be repeated with great care, for this can aggravate the damage and also exaggerate the side effects of the therapeutic skin care regime. Once a scientific skin care regime is started, the skins top layers,  will return to normal thickness and should not need continued exfoliation.

How Can We Best Achieve Safe Exfoliation?

Avoid harsh scrubbing exfoliants, they destroy to much of the top layers of the skin, it is bewildering to think how fragile this layer is and yet the health of our skin is dependent on it.

Low dose, soft chemicals, TCA, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids prescribed and applied by skin care specialists with prescribed science based home care are considerable better for the skin than harsh granular peels and strong chemical concentrations.
Stay out of the sun for several weeks after skin exfoliation.

A sensible science based skin care range actually makes exfoliation unnecessary and we should concentrate on treating clients with infusion treatments to keep the top layers of the skin plump and smooth as it normally should be.


Environ Sensible Peeling – No Down Time, But Which One Should I Choose ??


ENVIRON – Intense C peel

This is an exfoliant masque designed to soften the appearance of rough and sun damaged skin while delivering powerful Vitamin C to help promote a healthy radiant appearance. Intense C Peel assists in refining uneven texture and helps to revitalize the skin while helping to create a more even tone.


 HOME CARE –  Environ Anti Oxidant Gel or C Boost

ENVIRON – LACM Cream Peels/ TCA Pamgel Peels

There is a variety of presentations of these gentle peeling systems, used for very specific concerns from fine delicate skins, poorly hydrated skins, dull thickened skins and acne challenged skins.  During consultation your therapist will discuss your skin concerns with you and prescribe a gentle peel that will improve your concerns.  These peels have little or no down time.

Cost per treatment : $149.95 – Buy 3 and receive a 4th for FREE.
Members – 1x Monthly facial.


A really great article to read written by Dr Des Fernandes is “Scientific Strategies In The Maintenance And Restoration Of Youthful Skin”. 

To view this article please click here.

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Tracy  and the Team at All About You

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