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September Means Great Things For Your Health! 

Whether you are sending your children off to school, returning to school yourself or are far-removed from the academic scene, chances are you still equate September with a new beginning. Some of the out-of-routine elements we expect with summer (impromptu BBQs, extended bedtimes, maybe a little extra vino) come to an end during this month and many of us feel like incorporating healthy rhythms.

At Polo Health + Longevity Centre, we completely support setting up good, clean habits now that will take you into the approaching holiday seasons. And we are here to help you do so!

If you've been curious about our Pound-A-Day program, a medically supervised weight loss program combining science and lifestyle modifications, this is a great time to come in and ask questions! Book an appointment with Dr. Polo to determine any underlying causes of your weight gain and your candidacy for the program. Our FAQ page will answer some of your questions and help you prepare for your conversation with Dr. Polo.  

In addition to the program, we also have an online and in-person support group for participants to cheer each other on and share their challenges. These groups are led by Francesca Tomas, our Registered Professional Counsellor. All of this information, and more, will be shared with you during your initial visit with Dr. Polo.

We have many testimonials from happy clients! Check out our Pound-A-Day page to see some local celebrities you may know. In addition to them, former Global BC's Morning News anchor, Steve Darling has an incredible success story with our program. You can have a read all about it in this article for BC Living.

Follow PoloWeightLoss on Instagram, an account dedicated to motivating, empowering, educating and supporting you on your weight loss journey!

Call the clinic at 604-544-7656 to book an appointment with Dr. Polo.
Healthy Lunch Tips For You & The Kids

A guaranteed way to eat healthy is to plan out your meals. Most people, when they consider meal planning tend to start and stop with dinner. However, lunch should provide us with enough nutrients and proper fuel to get us through our work and school days, so this meal definitely requires a closer look!

When you're packing your bento boxes or lunch kits for the day, consider the following:
  • a source of protein (lean meats, chickpeas, quinoa) is a must!
  • have easy-to-eat veggies available (carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers cut into sticks, for example) and ensure that this is the largest portion of your meal
  • peel and cut fruit so it is ready-to-eat and treat this like a dessert
  • add some healthy fats to the mix (avocado, a few nuts or nut butter) and save this for a little later after lunch when that 3 pm slump starts happening - your kids can have this as part of a healthy snack after school
If you have certain dietary restrictions, careful planning becomes even more vital. We often support our patients in meal planning around allergies and food sensitivities. If you have any questions, come visit Dr. Polo or our in-house expert on children's health, Dr. Steph Peltz.

For the perfect nutrition plan for you and your children, call the clinic at 604-544-7656 to book an appointment or use our button below to book online, at your convenience.
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September Supplements Sale

We've got the perfect supplements on sale this month to kickstart the school year for your kiddos! Get their brains in shape and their guts happy with our custom probiotics and omega 3's.

We didn't forget the adults, either. This is the perfect time for some post-summer detox, and with 10% off our Cleanse Max 30 day kit and the Liquid Liver cleanse, you are good to go!

Stop by the clinic all September long to capitalize on this sale!

Direct Billing Now Available 

Pacific Blue Cross
We are thrilled to announce we can now give patients the option of direct billing. At this time, we can process direct billing for recipients of Pacific Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross. We will keep you updated as we add more providers.

Learn more.

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Helpful Resources 

Avoid Emotional Eating With These Tips!

Maybe you're feeling a little stressed or anxious about the coming weeks as your family tries to get back into routine, and you're wondering how you're going to balance work, home and other commitments. Maybe you're feeling a bit deflated after the summer season and dreading the shorter days ahead. It's really important to be mindful of eating from the heart rather than eating when you are actually hungry. Dr. Polo's past appearance on Global News is a perfect reminder of what you can do instead of reaching for sugary snacks.
Visit our blog to find more articles on everything from nutrition to women's health and more.

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Dr. Polo's Appearance on CTV News: Back to School Readiness!

In this quick and informative segment on CTV News, Dr. Polo shares some brilliant tips on how to establish that back-to-school routine. These are a good idea all year-round, so don't feel like you missed the boat if you didn't catch some of the tips in last month's newsletter, or are watching this video after sending your kids off to their first day of school!

If you're having some trouble with getting your kids to sleep after trying these ideas, or if they seem to succumb to those colds quickly in the classroom environment, come in and chat with Dr. Polo or Dr. Peltz!
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