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Let's March On Toward Better


We are particularly excited about this new month here at Polo Health + Longevity Centre. It's a time of welcoming more daylight and better weather, incorporating more options into our exercise regimes and celebrating women on International Women's Day. We want to know what you most love about March and what we can do to help you embrace it with your best health - so please feel free to hit 'reply' and let us know!

Is weight loss a goal for you this Spring? Our Registered Professional Counsellor, Francesca Tomas, is holding an informative workshop entitled End Your Battle With Food and Lose Weight on March 26 from 6-9 pm. Details are on the flyer below. Please call the office to save your seat!

For additional support in your weight loss journey, why not join Francesca and other members of our Facebook group to share your successes, struggles and stories? The next Weight Loss Support Group meets on April 9 here at the clinic. Full details for this drop-in program are in this Facebook post. Be sure to 'like' our page, too!

To make an appointment with a team member, call our office, or book your appointment online. 604-544-7656. 
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Dealing With The Time Change

Although we love the longer days, the spring-forward time change can be a challenge for a lot of us! On Sunday March 11, we set our clocks ahead an hour - but what about our internal clock?  Even losing just one hour of sleep can throw us off and leave us irritable and grumpy. Follow these simple tips to help deal!

1. Be proactive! For a few nights before the actual time change, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime. This can help you make up for losing the hour.

2. Expose yourself to the bright light early in the morning to train your body to get used to it. We literally need to wake our bodies up from the winter slumber!

3. Just like when you travel you can avoid jet lag by not napping, you should resist the urge to snooze mid-day when the time changes.

4. Follow good sleep hygiene habits like the ones Dr. Polo shared on CTV News!

Call the clinic to book your introductory consultation now: 604-544-7656. 

Direct Billing Now Available 

Pacific Blue Cross
We are thrilled to announce we can now give patients the option of direct billing. At this time, we can process direct billing for recipients of Pacific Blue Cross and Medavie Blue Cross. We will keep you updated as we add more providers.

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Dr. Allana Polo's Office Hours


Dr. Allana Polo

Monday 10am to 6pm
Thursday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm

Call the clinic now to book your appointment: 604-544-7656. 

Dr. Andrea Gasner Returns This Month

Beginning the week of March 5, Dr. Gasner will be available on Mondays and Thursdays from 12-6 pm.


Call the clinic now to book your appointment: 604-544-7656. 

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