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Urban Hygiene NZ are proud members of the RTANZ: We were recently invited by the South Island groups (Region 4 & 5) to present our products at their annual conferences in Nelson and Cromwell.

We were able to give them a brief demonstration of our products so that they could see them in action.....

easy-on protective coating - protects and preserves surfaces inside and out keeping them looking like new for many years!  saving you time and money on redecoration.

easy-off graffiti remover - removes any unwanted marks, scuffs or graffiti from your premises, it is non hazardous, fast and does not require any specialist equipment. It is most effective when used with easy-on but works without it too.

EnviroThaw - a granular de-icer helps to prevent slips and trips due to ice and snow.


Competition Time....

RTANZ conferences: For those of you who took the time to sign up for the newsletters at the conferences, we pulled business cards out of our pink hat.

Each of the winners (one from RTANZ Region 4 and the other from RTANZ Region 5) were presented with a 4kg tub of EnviroThaw.

Thank you to all who took part and congratulations to:

Mike Moloney from Region 4 and
Bob Knox from Region 5



Thank you! Many of you have passed our details onto other people and we really appreciate you spreading the word!

If you have any friends or colleagues who you think might like some more information about us or our products, please feel free to forward this email to them!


Welcome <<First Name>>!

Here at Urban Hygiene NZ, we have been really busy fulfilling orders and presenting to organisations around New Zealand!

With the increased focus on Health and Safety in the workforce, our products are becoming more and more popular. 

Both the EnviroThaw and the easy-off graffiti remover are non-toxic and non-hazardous and a great tool for your staff to have on hand.

Our easy-on protective coating is being used for a very exciting project that is coming to Christchurch during the summer, more information on that further down.

As ever, if you have any questions or would like to arrange a demonstration, please do get in touch.

Kind Regards,

Sharon & Cat

Urban Hygiene NZ

T: 03 928 1623  | E:


EnviroThaw: is an environmentally friendly, granular de-icer product and new to New Zealand this year!

This product is great for those areas that become hazardous with ice and snow, car-parks, entrances to buildings.  A handful covers approximately 1m2 and the granules are easy to apply as they are blue so you can see exactly where you have put them!

Once applied, the granules get to work and keep going for up to 48 hours!  EnviroThaw is perfect for use after snow so that the slush doesn't re-freeze over night.

We have also been experimenting with EnviroThaw for the windscreen of the car!  Put a handful of granules in to a 500ml bottle and top up with tap water.

Once the granules have dissolved, spray over the windscreen of the car the night before a frost so in the morning you can drive off without waiting for the car to defrost. 

Here is a picture of a car windscreen that has been sprayed with EnviroThaw on the drivers side - no ice!

Car windscreen with no ice #EnviroThaw

EnviroThaw is available in 4kg tubs and 20kg sacks,
Contact us for yours today.

Coming to Christchurch this summer: Christchurch Stands Tall is an exciting public arts project brought to Christchurch with the help of the Wild In Art Team who have organised many of these projects in the UK and Australia.

Giant fibreglass Giraffe sculptures, reaching 2.5 metres high, will be standing tall on the streets, parks and public spaces of Christchurch and surrounding areas from November 2014 to February 2015.

Urban Hygiene NZ in conjunction with Global Interiors will support this project by making sure that all of the Giraffes are coated with easy-on protective coating and the maintenance crew will use easy-off graffiti remover as their preferred cleaning product.

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Are you looking for a safe graffiti remover?... Then look no further;

easy-off graffiti remover from Urban Hygiene NZ is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and cost effective option for your team to use to remove any unsightly graffiti from around your premises, town or city.

easy-off graffiti remover is available in liquid or wipe form and is the perfect addition to any "cleaning kit".

It is safe, easy to use and no specialist training or equipment is required.

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