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Notes from the ACMP Chapter Leaders Meeting

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Message from the President

Hi everyone,

All the festivities around the holiday season remind me that a New Year is just around the corner. Every year, I genuinely get excited when I start thinking about what I’m going to do in the upcoming year – travel, projects and work. This year, I’m really looking forward to working with ACMP. I’ve been thinking a lot about our membership, new practitioners and learning.

Building our membership – inviting change management practitioners and those interested in change management to become a part of ACMP. There is a huge benefit to the networking and learning opportunities we provide but I feel that the most valuable benefit we offer is around a community where practitioners can come to together to share ideas and gain support.

Early career change management practitioners – looking for opportunities to support practitioners who are just starting out or are looking for an opportunity to get started in change management. I feel that we have an obligation to be constantly looking for ways to grow and development our profession.

Learning – continuing to look for learning opportunities to help practitioners build their skills and share their knowledge. Our most valuable asset is our membership and we should be proud to share the work that we are doing.

Of course, I’m also very excited about getting to know the members of the Vancouver Chapter of ACMP. I hope that you take some time to relax, reflect and spend quality time with family and friends this holiday season.




Notes from the ACMP Chapter Leaders Meeting Recap

On November, 19th, Linda Miller, one of our new Director’s at Large, attended the ACMP chapter leaders forum.  There were an estimated 900 chapter members signed on to the meeting to get an update on Global ACMP’s work underway and some of the emerging plans.  Below is a summary of the information provided.    
Some of the work underway includes:


  • Updates to the global website to improve access to information for new chapters
  • Better chapter event functions
  • A contest to promote chapter membership
  • Geographic accommodation for professionals located outside of major centres that would like to join/attend chapters
New and upcoming work includes the piloting of two global industry communities – healthcare and technology – which will take the form of discussion groups on LinkedIn initially. The purpose of the communities is to identify interests, challenges and trends specific to the two industries. Set to start in January,
Meredith Slosberg, Organizational Effectiveness at Akron Children’s Hospital has been selected as the chairperson for the Healthcare community and Linda Miller, 
Vancouver Chapter board member, has been nominated to chair the technology community pilot.
Also planned is a renewal of the ACMP brand and vision over the next 6 months, with the continuing mandate to advance the discipline of change management. This supports the global objective of growing membership from 2500 to 10,000 world-wide.  The forming vision statement is based on feedback from chapters and change management professionals : “change professionals are consistently recognized for the value they contribute to the organizations they serve”.  Current thinking is to achieve this vision through a focus on professional certification (CCMP) and clarifying the value proposition of the association, the key principles and pillars of the brand.
Notes for members: 

  • The CCMP survey results are posted on the ACMP website CCMP page
  • The CCMP application process will be getting more exposure through social media
  • Much will be accomplished between now and the 2016 conference
  • Testimonials from members are always sought after – entered on the ACMP website
  • Feedback and ideas on all ACMP global activities is sought after – email board members directly on the ACMP website board members page


 November 17th Meeting Recap

Matthew Friesen and Alana Bergstrome from the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital Redevelopment Project joined us at our November 17 meeting to share their presentation on integrating Project Management and Change Management.  Their engaging presentation had several key messages about the importance of change management and project management working in sync together:

  • Change management and project management must be integrated in order to achieve the desired outcomes of any project. While project management’s main focus is on effectively designing, developing and delivering a particular solution (in this case a new state of the art medical facility), change management’s focus is making sure that solution is quickly embraced, fully adopted and used proficiently.Both disciplines are required to get the intended organizational benefits from the change.
  • Is it critical to articulate the link between the organizational benefits and the project objectives – in other words don’t just talk about the project objectives – link back to what you’re trying to achieve organizationally. If you’re trying to influence leaders to care about change management, show them the link between people adopting and using the change and actually achieving overall desired organizational benefits.
  • Create a project timeline by (1) identifying key project events, (2) layering in individual milestones and (3) incorporating organizational deliverables to drive individual milestones.Ensure that the project plan goes beyond “go-live” to create opportunities to reinforce the changes that must stick in order to achieve your project objectives and ultimately the organizational benefits.
  • Integrating change management and project management ultimately reduces stress on the organization as it reduces the number of interactions that stakeholders need to have with the project.Having the two disciplines integrated also reduces the chances that change management gets forgotten or dropped through the course of the project.
Thanks again to Alana & Matthew for sharing their insights with us! 



 Vancouver ACMP Coffee Chats

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So we’re going to mimic our sister Pacific Northwest ACMP Chapter and introduce a new type of event to our chapter that they have been successfully running for some time.  We’re hoping to hold the first Coffee Chat sometime in February-March. 

Coffee Chats are a way for ACMP Vancouver Chapter members to informally get together to discuss topics of interest and network.  The Coffee Chats format is more informal and interactive than the Speaker’s Series events generally are and provides an additional option for members who prefer morning meetings.  

Each Coffee Chat will be hosted by a Guest Facilitator who will be responsible for introducing a topic and moderating the discussion, but won’t need to prepare a formal presentation.  Depending on interest and availability of Guest Facilitators, the Coffee Chats will be held in various locations (e.g. downtown, Burnaby, New Westminster, etc.) on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  Stay tuned for our first Coffee Chat in the New Year. 

Volunteers Needed:  If you’d like to act as a Guest Facilitator for a Coffee Chat or participate in organizing these events, please contact Heather Lehmann, Director of Events at



Holiday Mix and Mingle - Today - December 16th  

On December 16, all members and friends of our local Vancouver ACMP chapter are invited to join us for an evening of networking and fun.  Raise a glass together to celebrate this past year and welcome in the New Year together.  Click here to register for this event through EventBrite.


Upcoming ACMP Chapter Events

Here’s the line-up of dates for upcoming ACMP Vancouver Chapter learning and networking events.  Stay tuned for more details on topics/presenters and meeting locations.

Date Topic
Dec 16, 2015 (Wednesday) 5-7 p.m. Holiday Mix & Mingle Networking event
Feb 23, 2016 (Tuesday) 5-7 p.m. Change Management in an Agile Project Environment – Lessons Learned Panel Discussion
May 25, 2016 (Wednesday) 5-7 p.m. ACMP Conference Recap
July 12, 2016 (Tuesday) 5-7 p.m. Summer Networking event