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August 2015, Newsletter

Message from the Vice-President

September Meeting Update

Call for Board of Director Nominations

Upcoming Chapter Events



 Message from the Vice-President 

As we continue with our unusually dry summer, I hope that you all have found ways to beat-the-heat and stay cool?  Speaking of cool, I recently re-visited a popular change management book 'Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions' by Dr. John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber. To re-cap, this rather whimsical little book relates Kotter’s famous 8-step pattern associated with highly successful change initiatives by way of a fable set on an iceberg. The book manages to address change in a very rudimentary way and has been used by corporations as a tool by which to have non-threatening dialogue about change and what it means to a spectrum of stakeholders from the front line to the leadership team.

My own takeaway from this book is that it offers insight into "making individuals and their groups more competent in handling change and producing better results" and "that the world needs much more action from a broader range of people—action that is informed, committed, and inspired to help us all in an era of increasing change” (two very compelling reasons to embrace the profession of change management in the first place). I would encourage those who have not yet read this book to check it out and for those who have—consider re-visiting the iceberg and reflect of the teachings contained therein.

As your Chapter leadership team works through August, we are compelled to look towards the potential changes coming in September. For our next Annual General Meeting (AGM)scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd, we will be accepting nominations for the following positions:


  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • One Director at large position
Any member in good standing (has paid their membership dues in the past 12-months and has identified themselves as a “Greater Vancouver Chapter” member through the ACMP Global website) may vie for one (1) of the aforementioned positions. Directors’ positions are two (2) years in duration unless the individual vacates or resigns their position or is otherwise removed from the Board as prescribed in the Chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws. Please refer to Nomination Information article below for further details.

As one can see, change is indeed coming yet some things will remain the same: the commitment of the Chapter’s Board to further the profession of change management within the Greater Vancouver area, while offering networking and professional development opportunities!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of your local chapter and encourage you to attend our Chapter meetings and help guide our future together!



At Our September 23rd Meeting

In addition to our AGM, we have an exciting presentation from our colleagues at UBC planned for our next Chapter meeting on September 23rd.  Please click here to register through eventbrite.   

Please note The regular meeting will take place 5pm-6.30pm (networking following the presentation at 6pm). The AGM will be held 6.30-7.30pm, with all members in good standing* requested to be present. 
*(paid ACMP National members who have designated Vancouver as their chapter) 

To Boldly Go…from Business Sponsor to Change Champion
This session will feature an “inside look” at the Business Sponsor’s journey for a significant business process review and new enterprise system implementation project at the University of British Columbia. The discussion will feature the perspectives of the Business Sponsor as well as the two Change Management professionals on the project team.  Using a conversational interview style, the panelists will share how their working relationship and approach to effective Change Management evolved over the course of this multi-year project.  Particular emphasis will be placed on exploring how a Business Sponsor new to leading process and technological change in a complex organization has come to understand, embrace and champion Change Management.  Whole group Q&A and discussion to follow
Jenny Phelps, PhD.  Assistant Dean, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, University of British Columbia
Kelli Fitzmaurice, BSc, PMP.  Change Management Specialist, BC Hydro (formerly Change Management Strategist, UBC)
Deirdre Brown, BA, MA. Change Management Specialist, UBC


Call for Board of Director Nominations

We invite you to nominate members for the following Board of Director roles:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director at Large (1 position)

Board of Directors Overview
ACMP Vancouver Chapter Board Directors have a consistent focus on ACMP Vancouver Chapter and ACMP Global's long term impacts, results, purposes, and opportunities that serve the needs of members and the profession. Directors embody excellence in governance through a disciplined approach, adhering to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all aspects of guidance, decision-making, and leadership of the association. Directors play a key resource role in ensuring the policies, procedures, and communication reflect and support ACMP Vancouver and ACMP Global's vision and mission.

What qualities and/or experience would an ideal candidate possess?
Ideal nominees will have experience in organizational governance and leadership and demonstrated success in policy and strategy development and execution. Nominees should have experience in collective decision making after encouraging and considering diverse viewpoints and experience evaluating and impacting organizational performance in terms of measurable strategic results. Nominees should clearly understand the distinction and have respect for board, volunteer, and management roles.  For more information on the board positions, please refer to the ACMP Vancouver Chapter Board of Directors Position Descriptions attached.   

I’m not currently an ACMP Member, can I still nominate someone?
No, nominations are limited to current members of the ACMP Global and the Vancouver Chapter. Information on how to become a member is below. 
Can I nominate myself? 

Can I nominate more than one person? 
Yes, however you will need to complete one online nomination form for each nominee.

Can I nominate a person for more than one role?
Yes.  Where someone is nominated for more than one position, the votes are considered in the order of the position elected until the nominee is successful. Once the nominee is successfully elected, all subsequent votes are null and void.

How do I nominate someone?   
Click on the nomination form link below to submit a candidate.  You will be asked for the following information regarding your nominee(s):


  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
You will need to ensure that the individual you are nominating has consented to the submission of their name as a nominee.   

Note:  All information is required in order to be able to submit the nomination form. 

Click here to submit a nomination

What is the deadline for nominee submissions?   
All nominations must be received by Tuesday September 8, 2015 5:00PM Pacific Time

I’m not currently an ACMP Member, can I still vote for someone?
No, as with nominations, voting is restricted to current members of ACMP Global and the Vancouver Chapter. 

When will I know who is nominated?
You will receive a separate email prior to the start of voting, which will profile the nominees for each position.  Included in this email will be an information kit containing: 
  • A number of resolutions which you will be asked to vote on  
  • A proxy form for you to complete and send via your representative should you be unable to attend the meeting in person.  We encourage all voting members to attend the meeting.     


Upcoming ACMP Chapter Events

We've been busy planning future events and here’s the line-up of dates for upcoming Chapter learning and networking events.  You can find all of our upcoming events on EventbriteStay tuned for details on topics / presenters and meeting locations.

  • Sept 23, 2015 (Wed) - Annual General Meeting
  • Nov 17, 2015 (Tues)
  • Dec 16, 2015 (Wed) – Networking event
  • Feb 23, 2016 (Tues)
  • May 25, 2016 (Wed)
  • July 12, 2016 (Tues) – Networking event