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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Session 

Exclusive new work unveiled Thursday 29th August 23:00 BST

I’m very excited to announce the world premier of a brand new work on BBC Radio 3′s Late Junction this Thursday 29th August. Commissioned by the programme itself, Whirled Service is a twenty-minute nocturnal perambulation around the empty corridors, studios, stairwells and basements of the BBC’s recently completed home, New Broadcasting House.

Produced in collaboration with vocalist and performance artist Franziska Lantz, it’s something we’ve been tinkering with in closely guarded secrecy for several months and is also the official sequel to last year's highly-acclaimed LP The Ghosts Of Bush .
Like that album, the project combines the naturally occurring sounds of the building - station idents, jingles, studio test-tones, air conditioning ducts, radiators, lifts, corridors, creaking doors and even the vintage voice of Big Ben himself - with the basic techniques of musique concrete to create a series of other-worldly hauntological compositions. 

When dropped by two octaves the door buttons at the main entrance suddenly sound like a brace of foghorns mournfully calling across the sea, while the soporific movement of a fire safety door is like the creaking of a hull. When these sounds are mixed with Franziska’s voice serenading the building from deep within its basement, the result is an audio guide that is by turns intriguing, compelling and unsettling.

Perhaps even this most modern of buildings harbors a few ghosts of it’s own? Find out by tuning into Late Junction with Nick Luscombe this Thursday 23:00BST on BBC Radio 3, though podcasting will be available for those of you tucked up in bed or enjoying last orders. Find out more about the project and discover my top ten favourite BBC sounds by visiting my website here.

(With thanks to Lisa Hack for the above photo)

Howlround: Secret Songs Of Savamala

Strictly limited edition vinyl LP out September 16th

I’m equally excited to announce the long-awaited release of the second Howlround LP. Secret Songs Of Savamala will be released September 16th on The Fog Signals in a strictly limited vinyl edition of 300 copies (plus download), with spine sleeve and beautiful cover photography by Milica Nikolic.

For my friends either based in Serbia or able to get there in time, the official launch party takes place at the building that inspired it, The Spanish House, Savamala, Belgrade on September 4th. For the benefit of everyone else I've taken a leaf out of Boards Of Canada's book by pressing up five copies, hiding them in different parts of my bedroom and then creating a suitably enigmatic teaser video: 

The ruins of the Spanish House stand on the banks of the river Sava at the heart of the Savamala district of Belgrade. Originally a decadent customs house in the heart of a bustling port, this decaying structure bears the imprint of many generations. Now an empty echo chamber, its walls reverberate with the rumble of the passing freight trains like the sea inside a shell; songs and shouts return distorted from a trip around the flooded basement and exposed structural supports become an unholy set of chimes. All the sounds you hear on this album were recorded on site and nothing has been added that is not of the building itself. This echoic palimpsest is architectural portraiture in sound. 
Leila Peacock, Camenzind Belgrade

'Come on', said the Guerillas, 'we’ll show you our temple'.  And that’s how this album started, balancing precariously in a flooded basement listening to the echoes swirling round our heads as they sang, shouted and banged on the steel pipes poking rustily out of the foundations. Later, once it had stopped snowing we walked along the railway tracks listening to the clanks and sighs of the nearby ship’s graveyard. Once back in London all of these things were transferred to reel-to-reel tape and sculpted into what may well be Howlround’s most evocative work yet. 
Pre-Order a vinyl copy of 'Secret Songs Of Savamala'

Howlround play London Analogue Festival

Will get spooled again on Sunday 8th September

Howlround have now expanded to a sextet (four machines, two people) and create recordings and performances entirely from manipulating natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden. In an age where one can create all manner of electronic music with a simple swipe of a mouse, Howlround prove not only how much fun is to be had in making things complicated again, but conversely just how little effort is sometimes needed to create a genuinely uncanny soundworld: the rough underbelly of our pristine, Pro-Tools universe. A full festival programme will be available shortly at and live recordings of recent performances in Brighton and Barrow-In-Furness can be found here
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