Hello You. Welcome to the very fourth in a highly irregular series of updates from the life and times of Robin The Fog and the radiophonic tape-loop wranglers Howlround. And the big news is there's a rather exciting development floating somewhere above Hither Green: 

Howlround Unveil Third Album:

Torridon Gate out now

Available from cult label / blog A Year In The Country on four strictly limited CD editions, each with custom-printed, hand-finished artwork; plus badges, original tape snippets and more. 

'Torridon Gate' Cover - Click for a listen
Following the success of The Ghosts Of Bush (2012) and Secret Songs Of Savamala (2013), both composed entirely from acoustic recordings taken from historically-and-sonically-interesting buildings; many people have been asking us what Howlround's next 'sound portrait' might be. Now, after months of working away in secret, we can finally reveal the rather surprising answer: All of the music on this new album was created from a single recording of a suburban garden gate on Torridon Road, Hither Green, London. Just that. 
We attached a contact microphone to the metalwork of the gate and recorded as it opened and shut and moved in the wind. These sounds were then processed, looped and edited on three reel-to-reel tape machines with all electronic effects or artificial reverb strictly forbidden. Despite these restrictions, we like to think the results are as haunting and beguiling as anything from our previous albums, shifting from ethereal tone-patterns to demonic scrunches and back again - a long journey from the pleasant suburban street where it all began. Who would have thought a single 'common or garden' gate (pun intended) could offer such hidden wealth? Well, perhaps these two had an inkling:
Gate owners Tony and Kath with the 'Torridon' Master Tape.
The project started life as a prize on this years Resonance FM fundraising auction, but quickly spiralled out of control, and we're very grateful to gate-owners Tony and Kath, not only for their generous winning bid (all of which went towards keeping the greatest radio station in the world on air); but also for allowing us to share the results. 'The gate was one of the things that attracted us to the house in the first place!' says Tony, and hopefully listening to the new album you'll hear why.  

Click on the images for further information and audio clips: 

Available now in a series of four beautiful limited editions from A Year In The Country, the label and blog that has developed a cult following through its continuous 'searching for an expression of an underlying unsettledness to the English bucolic countryside dream'. Each edition - Night, Day, Dawn and Dusk - comes with a selection of unique hand-finished artwork and packaging, while the Night edition also includes a selection of badges, sections of the original tape loops used to make the album and more. All are available now from AYITC's 'Artefacts Shop' with a download also available for those who no longer meddle with discs. 
We're really proud of this one. Hope you'll like it too! 
Visit A Year In The Country's 'Artefacts Shop'

Calling All Promoters...

The Howlround soundsystem is now officially in dry-dock for the winter, but we're currently on the look-out for promoters, venues and festivals that would be interested in having us perform live in 2015. All such persons are warmly encouraged to get in touch. You'll get a unique and uncanny live show brought to you by two polite and punctual English gentlemen and their collection of vintage radiophonic hardware. Plus we bring our own loops. Can't say fairer than that.
Otherwise it's been quite a remarkable summer, performing at the Beacons Festival in Skipton, Yorkshire at the behest of our friends the Octopus Collective and then at 4'33" Cafe, Barcelona: Different crowds, different stages and VERY different weather conditions, but thanks to everyone who came along to listen. For those who couldn't make it, you can read an entertaining review of the former here (including details of our 'uncanny, mesmerising, difficult and sublime' performance) by Mr. Jonny Mugwump for The Quietus and/or watch a beautiful video of the latter here by our friends JP and Ale. Much obliged to them all. Our plans for winter involve processing the huge amount of material collected on my recent sound recording trip to California, including a most remarkable Yosemite log cabin kitchen drawer, which might even end up giving our gate a run for it's money in terms of hidden potential. Our dry-dock is actually a bit leaky, truth be told... 

Howlround Recordings (Mostly) Still Available:

'...[C]an I also plug Robin The Fog and Chris Weaver’s Howlround’s two site-specific albums, The Ghosts of Bush and Secret Sounds of Savamala, in all their strange and wonderful glory. They are the sonic equivalent of Rachel Whiteread’s casts of empty spaces'.  

(Louise Gray, The Wire etc.) 

***Last remaining copies on limited edition vinyl***

‘A Sonic Masterpiece’ – Monocle
‘Truly Dazzling' - Tiny Mix Tapes
‘Amazing’ - Echoplekz
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‘Aural ectoplasm: ★ ★ ★ ★- Record Collector Magazine
‘The ultimate hauntological artefact’ - Simon Reynolds
[Abeautiful, warm spatial exploration’ - The Quietus
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And finally, dessert: 

That's probably enough to be getting on with. Thanks as ever for all your support! 
Best wishes,

Robin The Fog