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Champagne Architecture & Interiors

MAP Architecture & Planning has delivered the Domaine Chandon Ningxia Winery, China. The striking modern design takes its inspiration from the dramatic Ningxia landscape and buried vines in the winter fields. It’s a stark contrast to the other faux European looking wineries in this expanding wine growing region, most of which feel out of place in the arid landscape.

The project comprised developing the winery’s master plan along with the architecture and interior design for the wine production and technical areas, office space and the public tasting areas and dining rooms.

The key focus was to present a design to encapsulate the prestigious luxury brand. A modernist aesthetic was taken using exaggerated horizontality to integrate the building with the flat desert floor and the He Lan (Wild Horse) mountain backdrop. A faux pisé de terre wall provides a bold and striking first impression. It is offset (90°) by the wall of the fermentation cellar which has a corrugation effect in imitation of the vineyards it overlooks.

Due to the flood plane, fermentation and cellaring could not take place underground. In response, the Sur Latte (second fermentation cellar) was placed above ground and then buried in the same earth that protects and nourishes the vines.

The interior has been designed to reflect the luxury brand, incorporating a sumptuous palate of materials and textures with colours chosen to match the hues of the wines. A grand staircase takes visitors to a roof terrace offering 180° views across the vineyards, dessert oasis and mountains.

As the fermentation cellar wall and the sur latte cellar berm shields the heart of the working winery. A simple extension of both walls will provide for growth without losing aesthetic.

The project plays an important role in the wine growing region, bringing a prominent wine brand to China; one of the world’s most lucrative wine buying markets. While the winery officially opened last month, the first Chinese-produced Domaine Chandon bottles cannot be quaffed until 2014.

Project Overview

  • Service: Master Planning, Architecture & Interior Design
  • Sector: Wine & Distillery
  • Client: LVMH Group
  • Size: 6,500 m²

Value by Design

  • Brand appropriate design
  • Above ground fermentation cellars 
  • Plans for expansion
  • High quality interiors
  • 18 months concept to completion
Masterplan (Top)
Sur Latte Fermentation Cellar (Above)
He Lan Room (top)
Visitor Centre Lobby (below)
Chandon Dining Room (Top)
Technical Tasting Room  (Below)

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Our New Office

MAP has literally rolled out the red carpet in its new office. We're now located in an area of North Point which we affectionately call 'the Tribecca of Hong Kong’. With 180° views of Kowloon from Kai Tak all the way through to West Kowloon and across Victoria Harbour to the Exhibition Centre and to Central, it’s an inspirational place to work. Please pop in anytime to 'walk our red carpet'.

See below for address details. Telephone, fax & email numbers remain the same.

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