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April 2015

Welcome to the April Discovery in Action newsletter.

In this edition of our newsletter, we share
  • as a followup to our feature on coaching in the March newsletter, our new visual story to describe coaching using GROW,
  • some tips for middle managers - what you need to lead from the middle,
  • some questions to help you decide when to say 'yes' or 'no' to work requests, and
  • a model called the 'pioneers and outlaws' model, which presents some ideas about where you should be spending your people leadership energy!
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Paul and Melanie Eyres

Coaching using GROW - a visual story

Looking for a simple one pager that helps remind you of the

  • 4 GROW stages
  • your role at each stage, and
  • some sample questions you can ask at each stage?

Following the movement of many thought leaders who are communicating through visual story telling,  we have put together a visual story of coaching using the GROW process.

Click here to access the larger visual...

Start saying 'yes' to 'no'!

Fear and ambition drive our willingness to do anything to succeed. But sometimes saying no is the best decision. (Daniel Goleman on Twitter)

Many of us are our own worst enemies. We want to please people, are motivated by a sense of achievement and so often find it hard to say 'no'.

A blog post by Elad Levinson (LinkedIn) explores this dilemma. He calls this  a “mindful quandary.”  "There’s a tension between giving up health, happiness or a strategic career perspective to achieve an unsustainable ideal. What makes it a mindful quandary is that (the person in the story) is conscious of the need to change, and the inherent dangers of not changing now."

Click here to see some questions to consider before agreeing to take on work.

What you need to lead from the middle...

A LinkedIn Pulse post by Michael McGuire outlines 6 ‘must have’ skills / behaviours for middle managers.

He writes, “I don’t mean to devalue anyone’s position in an organization but…I truly believe leading from the middle may be the hardest job in any company. Mid-level managers often have to manage a function, lead a team, think tactically, think strategically, manage up, down, and across, communicate up, down, and across, have a certain level of business acumen, have a certain level of financial acumen, clearly communicate organizational goals, objectives, strategies, and vision, motivate and influence others, set appropriate performance and development goals for direct reports, coach, conduct performance review discussions, and when they have time…sleep."

His post shares some information that helps to better understand the role these 6 skills/behaviours play. Knowing more about these 6 skills/behaviours – and formulating a plan to build or enhance them – will help to provide a strong leadership foundation for anyone transitioning into leadership or leading from the middle.

Click here to learn more...

Who takes up most of your leadership energy - the pioneer or the outlaw?

In our DiA small group sessions, we often talk about some of the challenges leading people can present you.

Leading others is easy when you have a team of highly capable, highly motivated and resilient individuals who are 100% aligned to the vision, have clarity about their role in making things happen, work collaboratively with others and are fully accountable for achieving results.

Sounds terrific, doesn’t it! Does it describe your context right now? I dare say not many of us are blessed with a situation like this for all of our leadership careers. Typically we have at least one person that demands our leadership energy – and not usually for the ‘right reason’.

This blog shares a model that helps you make a choice when you find your leadership energy zapped by another. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Pioneers and Outlaws model’.

Click here to

Some recent assignments

  • ran an 'enhancing our facilitation skills' workshop for trainers and instructors
  • ran a number of planning workshops for teams and organisations ahead of the new financial year
  • ran a 'Coaching Skills' workshop for experienced and emerging leaders

Click here to access the Eyres & Associates website to find out what else we do!

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