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May 2014

Welcome to our May Discovery in Action newsletter!

The groups currently participating in the Discovery in Action program have been sharing some of the challenges they encounter as people leaders. This has prompted us to create a new tips and hints guide, and has influenced some of the other themes we explore this month. In this edition of our newsletter, we share
  • a new practical tips and hints guide on 'dealing with 'needy' staff', and
  • an interesting post outlining a process for leaders to develop other leaders
This month we have a spot light on empathy, and share a DiA Discoveries post that explores the 'key strengths than underpin great leadership practice'.
Thanks again for the positive feedback about the newsletter, and for taking the time to read it. If there is a topic you'd like us to feature, please drop us a note. And please feel free to forward this newsletter on to other people in your network...

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiATips for Dealing with 'Needy Staff'

All leaders at some point in their career come into contact with staff that 'challenge' them! Do any of these situations sound familiar?
My team member:
  • doesn't seem to show enough initiative and resists taking on new tasks
  • seems to need to show me everything they do - like they are seeking permission
  • tends to obsess over the detail and struggles to get their work done in a reasonable time frame
  • takes so much more time to get things done and it means other team members are taking on more than their fair share
  • needs to double check the steps in the task when they really should know it already
If you would like some practical tips and hints on how to deal with what might be contributing to these situations, click on this link.
Practical tips and hints guides are available to all current and alumni participants of the program. We will feature one each newsletter.
Link to 'Tips + Hints'

Empathy - the most important leadership trait today?

In an interview in November 2013, Emotional Intelligence expert Daniel Goleman was asked : 'What do you believe is the most important, yet overlooked, leadership trait today?'

His answer : “Perhaps it’s empathy, noticing what the other person thinks and feels. This requires we pause and pay full attention to the person in front of us – a simple act that has become more rare as we are beseiged by increases in digital distractions.” He went on to say:

“The most effective leaders are outstanding at abilities that build on empathy…like persuasion and influence, motivating and listening, teamwork and collaboration.’

Click here to see our blog on empathy?

DiA Discoveries - Sharpening the saw of your leadership practice

Reflections from Paul...

We have worked with many people leaders through our Discovery in Action® program – over 350 people – over the last 6 years. In recent times I’ve become increasingly curious about those factors that seem to hinder consistently good leadership practice, or taking a more positive outlook, the key strengths that underpin great leadership practice. As I’ve reflected on this, while continuing to listen, observe and engage with many leaders a number of key themes are emerging.

I thought it might be helpful to share this emerging list with others, both as a useful frame of reference as well as to continue to test my thinking.  Outlined below is the list of key factors that all need to be present (to a relatively high degree) if an individual is going to excel at people leadership.

The opportunity exists to ask yourself:

  • Where am I at personally in relation to these factors?
  • Which ones need attention?
Link to DiA Discoveries blog.

Leaders developing other leaders

One of the signs of an effective leader is that he or she develops other leaders. In this LinkedIn blog, Derek Brown outlines a process he had used to develop other leaders. ‘Great leaders reproduce themselves’

Click here to access a link to the LinkedIn blog post.

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