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November 2013

Welcome to our latest Discovery in Action newsletter!

In this newsletter we:
  • share some information on 'Emotional Intelligence' - including a self assessment tool and tips to help you improve your EQ
  • share a video by Simon Sinek who explores a concept called 'The Golden Circle'; the need to connect to the WHY with your leadership interactions, and
  • explore why we need to be careful of the phrase 'The reality is...', and
  • explore how your boss can shape your brain!
Feel free to forward this newsletter to other people in your network - you never know what issue is pressing for them at the moment - these themes might help them overcome an obstacle, or even just plant a seed...
Knowing how busy it can be for everyone in December, won't be sending another newsletter until mid-late January. So with this newsletter we send our very best wishes for the festive season and wish you and your family a safe and happy 2014!

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiA Discoveries :
The reality is...or is it?

Reflections from Paul... 
How often in a conversation or a meeting have you heard someone start a statement with the phrase, 'Look, the reality is...'

'Look, the reality is a cultural issue'.
'Look, the reality is...the organisational structure is the problem'.
'Look, the reality is...the biggest factor is a lack of resources'.
...and so on.

Click here to find out why this is a phrase to be wary of.
Link to DiA Discoveries post

The Golden Circle - how to inspire your people

Why is it that some leaders are able to inspire when others aren’t? Simon Sinek explores the relationship between the way we communicate and the results we get.

He calls it the Golden Circle’. The Why, How and What.
Inspiring leaders communicate from the inside out. They firstly connect to the WHY.
This model has relevance in so many facets of our life - in communications, in sales and marketing, and in our dealings with others.

Link to blog and Simon Sinek youtube clip.

DiA Tips - Emotional Intelligence

Why Many leaders have heard about 'Emotional Intelligence' and wonder how they can improve their 'EQ'. Click here to see a summary of the EI model, our simple self assessment tool, and some practical tips to help you improve your emotional intelligence.
Link to DiA Emotional Intelligence resource

How your boss can shape your brain!

A recent BRW article by Dr Connie Henson says the work ’environment shapes our brain and our boss shapes the environment we work in. The culture is mostly formed by what the leaders say and do’.

She says, “When you feel valued, and when your values are tapped into, it stimulates parts of the brain that make you work harder and longer and allow you to put up with more hardship. You are willing to risk more out-there ideas, innovative ideas.”

Empathy is a critical starting point for your leadership practice. Have you tapped into your people's values?
Link to Blog.

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