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August / September 2014

Welcome to our August / September Discovery in Action newsletter!

In this edition of our newsletter, we share
  • a practical tips and hints guide on creating 'goal alignment'
  • an amusing video link that has some powerful messages for both work and home
  • a practical reflection activity to help you build a more effective working relationship with your boss, and
  • some information about how making time for reflection can help you manage your own motivational levels
Thanks again for the positive feedback about the newsletter, and for taking the time to read it. If there is a topic you'd like us to feature, please drop us a note. And please feel free to forward this newsletter on to other people in your network...

Paul and Melanie Eyres

Practical ideas on how to create 'Goal Alignment'

A major driver of workplace morale and confidence is the extent to which individuals feel a strong personal commitment to the goals of the organisation and the inherent worthiness of their day to day activities in contributing to those organisational goals.

In short, if people don’t personally believe in the work that they are doing and the contribution it makes then they are unlikely to bring high levels of energy and motivation to their role. 

A key task of leaders is to tap into those individual drivers in setting team/organisational purpose and goals and to continuously make the connection between individual goals/aspirations and the collective purpose and goals of the team and the organisation.  People want to know they are making a difference and want to feel 'connected' to something – this will help build a resilient and committed group of people.

We have put together a 2 page 'practical ideas' style document that outlines a number of broadly stated actions, organised by four overarching intentions, that maybe helpful in thinking about your actions and behaviours as a leader in order to generate goal alignment in your team and for individuals.

Click here to access our tips and hints on goal alignment.

It's not about the nail...

We often show this video for a chuckle, but it has a few powerful messages that apply in many work (and personal!) circumstances...especially in a coaching context, and when trying to know what your team needs from you...

  • Do you always try to fix things?
  • And is that what people need? ... or want?
  • How do you demonstrate your empathy for them?
  • What is the 'right' approach for this situation?

Click here to access the link.

Working more effectively with your boss

Last month, we published the DiA tips and hints guide on ‘Managing Up’. Some newsletter recipients have been asking more about this topic, so we thought it might be useful to attach an extract from a course we run called ‘Managing Up and Across’ – with a focus on a reflection to help you work more effectively with your boss.   You may want to reflect  on the questions in the attachment that will help you to:

  • Take the time to understand your boss.
  • Think about how your boss likes to work with you.
  • And do the same for yourself – what do you need from your boss and what are your preferences for how to work together?
And then make a time to chat about this with them…develop a mutual understanding around how you want to work together. Just as with all important relationships, you need to put a conscious effort into making this relationship work!

Click here to find out more...

Don't scoff ... the power of journaling!!

One of the useful articles we reference in the DiA program is an HBR article called ‘Inner Work Life’. In this article, researchers found that the number one driver of a positive inner work life, the key to motivated, engaged, and productive employees, is making progress on meaningful work, even if that progress is a small win.

Recently we came across a video by the author of this article – confirming the value of the lessons learned in the ‘Inner Work Life’ research but also sharing the value of making time to journal / reflective practice. In a recent 99U conference talk, Professor Amabile shared the best way to achieve those small wins and leverage the progress principle - for ourselves - in our daily lives: is to keep a work diary.

Most of us screw up our faces when we are told we should keep a journal! However Professor Amabile suggests these benefits can be realised by making time – even 10 minutes a day – to write down our thoughts.

Click here to access our blog and link to the video.

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