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March 2014

Welcome to our March Discovery in Action newsletter!

In this edition of our newsletter:
  • We explore the challenge of leading a remote team or a team not co-located with you,
  • We share a summary of Dan Pink's REACH 2013 presentation highlighting his latest thinking on motivation,
  • We share a link to a great HBR blog by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner that explores the need for leaders to regularly ask for feedback from a trusted circle to help them continue to grow as leaders, and
  • We share a new tips and hints document that helps you become a more effective receiver of feedback.
Thanks for the feedback about the newsletter so far. If there is a topic you'd like us to feature, please drop us a note. And please feel free to forward this newsletter on to other people in your network...

Paul and Melanie Eyres

DiATips for improving how you respond to feedback

One of the stages in DiA Leading People program is the 'testing' piece - when we ask participants to select people who can give them insight into their 'on-the-ground' leadership practice. Many people find this to be one of the most valuable pieces in the program; and there are some who find it to be the most challenging. How do you typically respond to feedback or even the idea of it?

This tips and hints guide explains some of the reasons we may be a little wary of feedback, and provides practical ways to help you become a more effective receiver of feedback.
Practical tips and hints guides are available to all current and alumni participants of the program. We will feature one each newsletter.
Link to 'Tips + Hints'

To get honest feedback, leaders need to ask!

Few people would dispute the statement that one of the best ways to discover your strengths and impact as a leader is to ASK!

And yet, studies into leadership behaviours suggest that one of the least practiced leadership behaviours is exactly this – asking for feedback on how his/her actions affect other people’s performance.

In addition to become a better receiver of feedback, Kouzes and Posner suggest another way to help make asking for feedback part of your practice.

Link to HBR blog by Kouzes and Posner.

Leading a Remote Team

Leading a group of individuals can be challenging enough, but when those individuals are dispersed throughout the region, state, country or even internationally adds an additional layer of complexity.

"I micro-manage staff or feel a lack of control, because I can’t see what they are up to." "I am worried my remote team members feel isolated and have not connected with the others." "The communication flow between myself and the team is just not working." "The members of my team work as individuals and there is very little collaboration."

Click here to access a Link to a tips and hints guide that provides practical ideas that will help you be more effective when leading remote teams and individuals.

Dan Pink's REACH conference - slides and video link

In October, we shared a link to Dan Pink’s 2013 REACH conference presentation. He shared some new and interesting insights into purpose and autonomy.

We have made a set of summary slides to capture his key messages. Click here to see summary slides of the REACH presentation, and access a link to the video of the conference.

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